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The Baseball Index is a free catalog to baseball literature. TBI is an ongoing project of the Society for American Baseball Research to catalog the entirety of baseball literature, from the earliest references to the present day.

You can find bibliographic data (citations) for more than 250,000 books, articles, song sheets, yearbooks, advertisements, films, cartoons, poems, media guides, cartoons, and more.

Remember, TBI is an index to baseball literature. While we are adding URLs for full-text items which are available on the internet, most entries give you the means of finding information rather than the information itself. To learn more about the project and how to use it, visit the About or Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Tips for Searching

Patience and persistence will be rewarded.

Players may be listed by their given name or a nickname. Some highly arbitrary decisions had to be made for the sake of uniformity. We chose Batting, for example, as a search term when we could have just as easily chosen Hitting. If a search turns up nothing, consult your memory or the thesaurus in the dropdown menu under General Topics for alternatives. What you're searching for could well be there under another term. And, your idea of the spacing or punctuation of a term, such as baserunning or All-Stars may differ from what's here. Try the plural of a term if the singular doesn-t work --- and vice versa.

Some useful search terms, such as stadium names and those of teams beyond the current 30 major leagues, can only be searched under Specific Topics on the advanced search page.

Flexibility pays. Check the FAQ for more hints.

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