September 4, 2015
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 1Sunny Morning at Spring Training   
 2Basket Catch   
 3Wonderful Willie   
 410 Top Negro Rookies White, Al; 1951 
 5Baseball's Murderers Row; Four Heavy-Hitting Negro Players Now With the New York Giants Can Earn This Title If They Live Up To Past Season Performances White, Al; Photos by Blanche; 1951 
 6  1951 
 7  1951 
 8Mays, Negro Star, Joins Giants Today  1951 
 9Such a One Is Willie Felstad, Rolf; 1951 
 10Willie Mays Says Go For the Good One  1951 
 11Mays To Be Tested Again  1951 
 12Mays Escapes Draft  1951 
 13Willie Mays Says - "Stick With the Cigarette That's Good To You - "  1951 
 14Rookie of the Year? Experts Say Willie Mays Has Big Chance To Win  1951 
 15Willie the Whoop  1951 
 16The Rookies Keep Coming Up  1951 
 17Amazin' Willie Mays Fitzgerald, Ed; 1951 
 18Draft Board "Okays" Mays For Army  1952 
 19New York Giants  1952 
 20 Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1952 
 21 Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1952 
 22We Say…Smoke Our Brand  1952 
 23Tan Players Clinch Teams' Standings Birtwell, Roger; 1952 
 24  1952 
 25Why Negro Baseball Stars Feud  1952 
 26Baseball Hits! 1952: A Record Book of Negro Players in the Majors Smith, Wendell, ed.; 1952 
 27Giant Fans Already Fretting About Stanky Murray, Arch; 1952 
 28Army Refuses Mays Discharge Plea  1953 
 29Willie Mays Breaks Foot in Army Game  1953 
 30Mays Fractures Foot in Slide 6-Week Hospital Stint Slated  1953 
 31The Man Who Did More For Baseball Than Jackie Robinson  1953 
 32Must Learn Baseball 'All Over Again' - Mays  1953 
 33Great Negro Baseball Stars and How They Made the Major Leagues Young, A. S. 'Doc'; 1953 
 34  1953 
 35Can Willie Mays Save the Giants? Most Exciting Man in Baseball Will Need Some Help  1954 
 36Big Newk is Back! Richman, Milton; 1954 
 37You Need Spring Training Too! Orr, Jack; 1954 
 38Baseball: Say, Hey!  1954 
 39People Are Talking About...  1954 
 40Jack Proclaims 'Mays Day'  1954 
 41Hex Marks in Sport  1954 
 42Magic For the Giants Smith, Red; 1954 
 43Willie Mays Celetrates 'Day'  1954 
 44  1954 
 45More Honors For Willie Daley, Arthur; 1954 
 46More Honors For Willie Daley, Arthur; 1954 
 47Willie Mays Voted MVP To National League  1954 
 48Who Has Baseball's Best Outfield? Hirshberg, Al; 1954 
 49Thumb Out  1954 
 50Natural Boy of the Giants  1954 
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