September 3, 2015
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 1The Contest For the Temple Cup Between the Champion Baltimores and the New Yorks  1894 
 2Pennant Souvenir of the Baltimore Base Ball Club Guy, D. Dorsey; 1894 
 3  1896 
 4  1896 
 5  1896 
 6  1896 
 7 Stackhouse, George E.; 1901 
 8The Baseball Season of 1902 Wendell, Barrett; 1902 
 9Wee Willie Keeler  1904 
 10Baseball Advice  1906 
 11How Some Famous Batsmen Get Away From the Plate Philips, B.G., photographer; 1907 
 12  1908 
 13Some American League Baseball Stars  1908 
 14Prominent Baseball Stars Ready For the Fray  1909 
 15  1909 
 16  1910 
 17Tales of Old Time Players; How Some of the Greatest of the Baseball Stars Broke Into the Game  1911 
 18Records of the Baseball Stars  1912 
 19Records of the Baseball Stars  1912 
 20 Rion, C.C.; 1913 
 21Here Are Some Old Friends Goewey, Ed A.; 1916 
 22Doing the "Come Back" Stunt Chase, Hal; 1917 
 23Real Good Bunters a Memory in Baseball  1921 
 24American League Stars of the Bat Kofoed, J. C.; 1921 
 25A Graphic Review of the Month in Baseball Cowan, Wood; 1923 
 26Baseball Doings in the Off Season Phelon, W.A.; 1923 
 27Cobb as An Investor Camp, Walter; 1924 
 28 Moriarty, George; 1924 
 29Famous Baseball Stars from Old New York Lieb, Frederick G.; 1924 
 30The Twenty-five Greatest Players Hanna, W. B.; 1924 
 31The Twenty-Five Greatest Players Hanna, W. B.; 1924 
 32Baseball Goats of the Strikeout Route Gettelson, Leonard, From statistics compiled by; 1926 
 33The Greatest Baseball Team of All Time Colver, J. Newton; 1926 
 34The Greatest Baseball Player of All Time Trevor, George; 1929 
 35Genius of the Game, Part II Bulger, Bozeman; 1932 
 36The Midget Marvels of the Diamond Bradley, Hugh; 1934 
 37Fun in the Dugout Burr, Harold C.; 1936 
 38Diamond Oddities Irving, Ira; 1936 
 39 Hoefer, W.R.; 1938 
 40 Hoefer, W.R.; 1938 
 41The Baseball Bat Bag  1938 
 42  1939 
 43The Baseball Bat Bag  1939 
 44  1939 
 45Diamond Sparklers Tarvin, A.H.; 1939 
 46Wee Willie Keeler --- Hit 'Em Where They Ain't  1939 
 47"Hit 'Em Where They Ain't"  1940 
 48You Can't Have Everything  1940 
 49Goals that the Stars Missed Bloodgood, Clifford; 1940 
 50  1941 
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