August 4, 2015
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 1QC's Cromartie Believes--In Himself Harrison, Don; 1974 
 2Denver and Okla. City Dominate Stellar Team n; 1976 
 3A Bargain, and Bye-Bye Basement Dunn, Bob; 1977 
 4Should Managers Always Play Percentage Baseball? Carroll, Dink; 1977 
 5Blue-Ribbon Prizes Flourish in Expos' Garden MacDonald, Ian; 1977 
 6National League Names Garner Player of Week  1977 
 7Flashy Picket Trio Sparking Expo Revival MacDonald, Ian; 1977 
 8Expos' Sharp Young Outfield Trio Drawing Raves MacDonald, Ian; 1977 
 9Cocky 'Cro' Gives Expos Cause To Celebrate MacDonald, Ian; 1977 
 10Dawson, Cromartie Finish 1-2 in N.L. Race MacDonald, Ian; 1977 
 11Player of Week Award To Cromartie of Expos  1978 
 12Pinch-Hit Failures Hamper Expos MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 13Cromartie's Target: a .300 Bat Mark MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 14Expo 'Cro" Gives Williams Some Reasons To Chirp MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 15Cromartie's Assists Pile Up MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 16Carter, Parrish Among Expos' Biggest Pluses MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 17Expos' Flashy Pickets Pounds Cub Pitchers MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 18Expos Have Reason To 'Cro' MacDonald, Ian; 1979 
 19The Year the Expos Almost Won the Pennant Snyder, Brodie; 1979 
 20Carter and Cromartie N.L. Players of Week  1979 
 21Expos Differ On Williams as NL Pilot of Year Pick MacDonald, Ian; 1979 
 22Cromartie's Job Stays Up in Air MacDonald, Ian; 1980 
 23Expos Worrying Over Unsigned Regulars MacDonald, Ian; 1980 
 24Cromartie Proves a Point MacDonald, Ian; 1980 
 25Expos' Speed Is Explosive MacDonald, Ian; 1980 
 26A Leg Up On The League Lead Looney, Douglas S.; 1980 
 27Cro Beats Drums MacDonald, Ian; 1981 
 28Cro's Position a Mystery MacDonald, Ian; 1981 
 29Cromartie Rouses the Expos MacDonald, Ian; 1981 
 30Expos Ecstatic, So Is Al Oliver MacDonald, Ian; 1982 
 31Expos, With Oliver, Get Better, Not Older Smizik, Bob; 1982 
 32Cromartie Facing Fight For His Job MacDonald, Ian; 1982 
 33'Anchors Aweigh' Cromartie's Theme MacDonald, Ian; 1982 
 343-Way RF Fight Includes Francona MacDonald, Ian; 1982 
 35Montreal Wulf, Steve; 1982 
 36Hey Mister, Can We Have Your Autograph? Creamer, Robert; 1982 
 37Andre Dawson: Baseball's First 40-40 Man Rubin, Bob; 1982 
 38Giants Can Offer Cro a Spot Peters, Nick; 1983 
 39What Became of the Dream Team? Drury, Bob; 1984 
 40Say Oh, Can You See? Lidz, Franz; 1985 
 41Land of the Rising Fastball Fimrite, Ron; 1985 
 42Opening Day Report: Tokyo Michaels, Kevin; 1987 
 43The Master of Besuboru Whiting, Robert; 1989 
 44The Pain of Perfection Whiting, Robert; 1989 
 45You Gotta Have Wa Whiting, Robert; 1989 
 46Slugging It Out in Japan: An American Major Leaguer in the Tokyo Outfield Cromartie, Warren; with Robert Whiting; 1991 
 47The Storied Game - Slugging It Out in Japan: An American Major Leaguer in the Tokyo Outfield By Warren Cromartie With Robert Whiting; I Had a Hammer: the Hank Aaron Story By Hank Aaron With Lonnie Wheeler; and Others Young, Pamela; 1991 
 48The Storied Game: Ball Players Hit and Miss as Writers Pamela Young; 1991 
 49The Seventh-inning Stretch - Stolen Season By David Lamb; the 26th Man By Steve Fireovid; Slugging It Out in Japan By Warren Cromartie; and Others Shapiro, Walter; 1991 
 50At Bat in Tokyo Schwartz, John Burnham; 1991 
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