October 20, 2014
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 1CBS Will Telecast Dodgers Next Year  1946 
 2 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 3Baseball Pacts: Schaefer Pays $3 Million  1951 
 4Colorcasts: CBS Gets 3 Dodger Games  1951 
 5Baseball's Biggest Bargain Meany, Tom; Photographs by Hugh Broderick; 1952 
 6Baseball's Answer To TV Meany, Tom; 1952 
 7Campanella May Become Dodgers Coach  1952 
 8Dodgers 1952 Yearbook Graham, Frank, Jr., Harold Parrott; Allan Roth, ed; 1952 
 9Baseball's Answer To TV Meany, Tom; 1952 
 10Managers Are Expendable  1953 
 11Chuck Dressen Advised to Burn Famous Letter Barrington, John; 1953 
 12O'Malley Scoffs Rumors That Dodgers Instituting 'Payroll Savings' Methods Cuddy, Jack; 1953 
 13Dodgers' O'Malley Says: Alston Not Intended As Interim Pilot Reichler, Joe; 1953 
 14Dodgers Sign Alston as Manager in 1954 Drebinger, John; 1953 
 15Diamond Expansion Sessions Loom Corrigan, Ed; 1953 
 16Players Defend Frick in Lawyer Dispute Down, Fred; 1953 
 17Court and Hill Action Seen in Baseball TV Hassle  1953 
 18Dressen Reports Offer for Letter Sent to O'Malley  1953 
 19Bums O'Malley Rates Praise Forgoing Along With Dressen  1953 
 20The Organization Meany, Tom; 1953 
 21Giles Denies Report of Secret Meeting  1953 
 22Dressen, O'Malley Set to Talk Contract Again Reichler, Joe; 1953 
 23 Smith, Red; 1953 
 24  1953 
 25The Artful O'Malley and the Dodgers Gross, Milton; 1954 
 26They Shoulda Not Let Go Dressen Cohane, Tim; 1954 
 27The Man Who was Hired to Win the World Series Graham, Frank; 1954 
 28No Next Year for Dressen  1954 
 29My Side of the Story Dressen, Charlie; as told to Milton Richman; 1954 
 30What Should the Major Leagues Do To Help Save the Minors?  1954 
 31O'Malley, Walter F.  1954 
 32Dodging Brooklyn  1955 
 33September Habit  1955 
 34The Dodger's Dome  1955 
 35Dodgers Dome(Cont.)  1955 
 36Dodgers President Backs Pay-as-You-See Television For Baseball  1955 
 37Double Trouble  1955 
 38Tomorrow's Ball Park?  1955 
 39O'Malley's House of Horrors Smith, Red; 1955 
 40A Geodesic Dome For Brooklyn Dodgers  1955 
 41Bill to Ban Fee TV Offered by Rep. Celler  1955 
 42O'Malley Favors Pay-TV at Both Ends  1955 
 43Dodgers' President Backs Pay-As-You-See Television for Baseball  1955 
 44Baseball's Astounding Blueprint Mann, Arthur; 1955 
 45The Dignified Bum  1956 
 46Jersey Music Lardner, John; 1956 
 47Baseball: Nine Men, a Diamond, and $10 Million-Part I Coughlan, Robert; 1956 
 48Afterwards Is Too Late Smith, Red; 1956 
 49What They Think About Ford Frick Williams, Joe; 1956 
 50Baseball: New Look in Magnates  1956 
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