August 30, 2015
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 1Why the Braves Won and the Athletics Lost the Championship of the World Phelon, W.A.; 1914 
 2Clean Living and Quick Thinking: a Talk With Connie Mack Needham, Henry Beach; 1914 
 3The All-Star Team Rice, Grantland; 1914 
 4The Famous Brothers, Schang Evans, Billy; 1915 
 5Baseball Players and Their Correct Positions: How Connie Mack Decided Upon the Positions To Which Players Were Best Suited Evans, Billy; 1916 
 6Unusual Greatness For Two Favorites Goewey, Ed A.; 1917 
 7Interview With Colonel Jake Ruppert  1918 
 8  1918 
 9Things Which I Believe Have Been Responsible for My Successful Batting Conway, Jack (An interview with Babe Ruth ); 1920 
 10  1921 
 11The New York Yankees Battled Cleveland for the Lead All Season  1921 
 12The Glitter, the Gloss and the Glamorr of It All Salsinger, H. G.; 1922 
 13  1922 
 14Intimate Views of Famous Ball Players Off the Diamond  1924 
 15New York Yankees  1924 
 16New York Yankees  1924 
 17A Thumping, Clouting Backstop and His Picturesque Career Schang,Wallie, comprising an interview with; 1927 
 18How Batting Records Rose and Fell in 1926 Gettelson, Leonard, From statistics supplied by; 1927 
 19How Batting Records Rose and Fell in 1926 Gettelson, Leonard, From statistics supplied by; 1927 
 20Safety Helmet for High Catch  1938 
 21With a Resounding Crash Graham, Frank; 1951 
 22The Philadelphia Athletics Robert, Harry; 1951 
 23Ruth Ranks as Super Whiz of Fall Classics...Yanks Top All-Star Teams of Series Standouts: Gehrig, Collins, Baker, Speaker Join Babe On A.L. Crew...Chance, Frisch, Ott, Matty, Snider Among N.L. Sparklers King, Joe; 1960 
 24Curtain Going Up On Season of Salary Squawks Daniel, Dan; 1963 
 25The Yankees' Fatal Five Dexter, Charles; 1965 
 26Schang, Yanks' Star Catcher, Dead at 75 n; 1965 
 27  1965 
 28Baseball's Greatest Catchers Hirshberg, Al; 1966 
 29Wally Schang Hirshberg, Al; 1966 
 30  1966 
 31Cards Tickled With Terrific Tim: Star Backstop Threat For N.L. Swat Title Russo, Neal; 1967 
 32How Cobb Gained Edge on His Foes Owen, John; 1970 
 33Boston Red Sox: 75th Anniversary History, 1901-1975 Clark, Ellery H., Jr.; 1975 
 34Baseball's Golden Dozen Catchers Bruno, Joseph; 1976 
 35Morris 'Red' Badgro: a Pioneer Two-sport Athlete Hines, Rick; 1991 
 36Postseason Profiles (cont.) James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
 37Wally Schang Shalin, Mike; and Neil Shalin; 2002 
 38Walter Henry Schang Geiszler, Don; 2006 
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