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 1 Barton, George A.; 1930 
 2"How I Broke In" Berger, Walter - as told to the Author; 1930 
 3Winter Glimpses of Baseball Stars Terry, Bill, et al.; 1932 
 4Teaching Batting Fundamentals St. John, L.W.; 1935 
 5The Five Year Hitch Scheiffele, Fred; 1935 
 6Birthdays in October Stiles, Kirk; 1935 
 7Baseball Beginnings Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1936 
 8When World's Series Games Were Played And Stars Were Born Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1937 
 9Designs to Help the Home Team Bradley, Hugh; 1937 
 10Cincinnati Hitters, Who Helped Keep the Club in the Running in 1938  1938 
 11Cincinnati Hitters, Who Helped Keep the Club in the Running in 1938  1938 
 12The Boston Braves Kaese, Harold; 1951 
 13Berger, Ex-Brave Flyhawk, to Be Honored By Scribes  1968 
 14Stars Sometimes Fall in World Series Broeg, Bob; 1972 
 1513 Most Forgotten Stars in Major League History Grosshandler, Stan; 1980 
 16Wally Berger: A Forgotten Slugger of Another Era Grosshandler, Stan; 1981 
 17Emil Verban? There's a Cracker Jack Player Falls, Joe; 1982 
 18Memorandum  1984 
 19Here's a Special Quiz On All-Star Game Trivia Vass, George; 1984 
 20Wally Berger: Home Run Hitter of Another Era Singelais, Neil; 1987 
 21Berger, Walter Antone "Wally" Martin, Douglas D.; 1987 
 22These Stars Sparkled But Their Teams Finished Last Zureick, Perry; 1988 
 23  1988 
 24Clearing the Bases: Baseball Then and Now Starr, Bill; 1989 
 251930: Wally Berger Honig, Donald; 1989 
 26These Were the Majors' Worst Teams Ever in Modern Times Iamarino, John; 1990 
 27Kevin Mitchell: a Member of the Elite 40-homer Club Thom, John; 1990 
 28...Freshly Remember'd Berger, Walter Anton; George Morris Snyder; 1993 
 29Wally Berger Spalding, John E.; 1997 
 30Berger, Wally Spalding, John E.; 1997 
 31Seasons: Standings, Leaders: 1930 National League James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
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