September 3, 2015
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 1Champion Yanks Dominate Gulf Coast All-Star Unit n; 1966 
 2Brye's Homers Lead Twins to Opening Sweep Jones, Bill; 1967 
 3Soriano Crowned `King of Baseball' Henkey, Ben; 1968 
 4Slugger Solaita Selected Topps' Player of Year  1968 
 5Yank Roster Shows Talent Ripens Fast On Farm-Club Vine Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 6Merv Easy Victor Over Both Simmons, Solaita  1968 
 7Orioles, Mets, Phillies Unveil Choice Talent Ellison, Jack; 1968 
 8Three Bat Kings Tops for Topps as August Stars  1968 
 9Seattle Boasts `First'--Player as Topps Star  1968 
 10Hi-Toms Among Playoff Champs in `A' Leagues  1968 
 11Solaita Delights Yanks--Swings Home-Run Bat Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 12Solaita Swats 42 Homers; He'll Probably Hit Samoa Lamm, David; 1968 
 13Bomber Farm Clubs Boast Choice Talent Ogle, Jim; 1969 
 14Chiefs Have Jets' Number - Sweep 2-Game Series  1970 
 15Scouting Reports on 1970 Major League Rookies { Continued }  1970 
 16Solaita Dreams of Bigs - and Church For Father Buck, Ray; 1971 
 17West Haven Repaid by Ron Duke's Yanks Marslano, Paul; 1972 
 18Majors Spend $300,000 For a Dozen AAA Players Isle, Stan; 1973 
 19Forget About Fun in Sun, McKeon Tells Royals McGuff, Joe; 1974 
 20Solaita Gives Royals Pick-Me-Up at Gateway Bordman, Sid; 1974 
 21`Not Inclined' to Deal Ryan, Dalton Says Miller, Dick; 1976 
 22Indians Aim Trade Guns at Hurler and Hitter Schneider, Russell; 1976 
 23Samoa's Solaita No. 1 Angel Slugger Miller, Dick; 1976 
 24Boots in Field Turn Angel Tony Into Bat Terror Miller, Dick; 1977 
 25Franchise All-Nickname Teams: Angels Zminda, Don; 1999 
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