August 28, 2015
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 1The Black Woman in Pro Baseball, Toni Stone!   
 2Speaking of People: Lady Ball Player on Male Team  1950 
 3New Girl Ball Player  1953 
 4Lady Ball Player: Toni Stone Is First of Sex To Play With Professional Team  1953 
 5The Gal On Second Base; First Woman in Organized Negro Leagues Is Tough, 22-yr. Old Whiz Who Plays Like a Man and Make $12,000  1953 
 6Toni Stone Injured in Toledo Game  1953 
 7Indianapolis Clowns Sign Woman Infielder  1953 
 8Is Negro Baseball Through?  1953 
 9Clowns, Barons Play Tonight at Griffith  1953 
 10Clowns Play Here Tonight  1953 
 11Clowns Play Here Tuesday Night Against Memphis  1953 
 12Clowns Sign Two Top Sophomores  1953 
 13Female Player Here July 19 in Negro League Twin Bill Dallas, Bill; 1953 
 14Woman Player Says Could 'Take Care of Self' in Games.  1953 
 15The Gal on Second Base  1953 
 16Lady Ball Player: Toni Stone Is First of Sex to Play with Professional Team  1953 
 17The Truth About Women Athletes  1954 
 18Clowns Sell Girl Player, Toni Stone to Monarchs Then Hire 2 Other Girls  1954 
 19Clowns Sell Toni Stone, Sign New Female Star  1954 
 20Monarchs Play Clowns Tonight  1954 
 21Monarchs, Clowns Play Here Next Week  1954 
 22Monarchs Face Clowns Tuesday  1954 
 23From St. Paul Playgrounds to Big Leagues, Stone Always Loved Baseball Dubay, Diane; 1988 
 24Belated Tribute to Baseball's Negro Leagues Smith, Claire; 1991 
 25Baseball Pioneer Looks Back Thomas, Ron; 1991 
 26Baseball's 'Intruder' Loved Game Thomas, Ron; 1991 
 27Female Player was a Minority of 1 Weaver, Mike; 1991 
 28A League of Her Own  1992 
 29Female Player Remembered by Major League Baseball Editor; 1992 
 30Black Woman Was Alone in Own League Forman, Ross; 1992 
 31Marcenia 'Toni' Stone: Veteran of Negro Leagues  1992 
 32A Pitch For Black History Giancaterino, Randy; Debono, Paul; Gregorich, Barbara; 1993 
 33Women At Play: the Story of Women in Baseball Gregorich, Barbara; 1993 
 341954 Toni Stone Gregorich, Barbara; 1993 
 35Women in Baseball Gregorich, Barbara; 1993 
 36Women in Baseball: the Forgotten History Berlage, Gai Ingham; 1994 
 37Lady at the Bat Riley, James A.; 1994 
 38Negro League Pioneer: First Female Negro Leaguer, Toni Stone, 75 Forman, Ross; 1996 
 39Stone Asked For No Special Treatment  1996 
 40The Lady Played Second Base Francis, C. Phillip; 1996 
 41Toni Stone, 75, First Woman to Play Big-League Ball Thomas, Robert McG., Jr.; 1996 
 42Baseball Pioneer Never Listened to Naysayers Grow, Doug; 1997 
 43Toni Stone Berlage, Gai; 2000 
 44Foster Little-Known Force in Negro League Nance, Rahkia; 2002 
 45Swinging for the Fences: Black Baseball in Minnesota Hoffbeck, Steven R., ed.; 2005 
 46No Girls in the Clubhouse: The Exclusion of Women from Baseball Cohen, Marilyn; 2009 
 47Curveball: The Remarkable Story of Toni Stone, the First Woman to Play Professional Baseball in the Negro Leagues Ackmann, Martha; 2010 
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