September 4, 2015
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 1Colts Choose Crew To Rope N.L. Players Nealon, Clark; 1961 
 2  1961 
 3Slick Kid Trio Adds Sparkle To Colt Roster Nealon, Clark; 1962 
 4Big Shuffle in Store For Colt Lineup Nealon, Clark; 1962 
 5Building Boom in Houston  1963 
 6Colt .45s Tie Hopes to Hotshot Hurlers: Slab Corps Fanned 1,047 Batters in `62; Only Fifth Major Staff to Top 1,000 Mark Herskowitz, Mickey; 1963 
 7Colts Seek Lefty Help to Balance Nifty Hill Corps Nealon, Clark; 1963 
 8Colts' Kiddie Corps Showing Promise as `Team of Tomorrow' Herskowitz, Mickey; 1963 
 9Seattle's Angels Waste Burgmeier's Mound Gem n; 1967 
 10Mincher Dismayed, Excited on Leaving Angels for Pilots Wiebusch, John; 1968 
 11Angels Coo Over Their Cherub Chuckers Wiebusch, John; 1968 
 12Burgie Opens Angel Eyes Newhan, Ross; 1968 
 13Sharp Infield Stamps Phils as Hot Entry Ellison, Jack; 1969 
 14Eight Cancelled Contests Shake Up Royal Household McGuff, Joe; 1972 
 15`Good Luck' Piece Helps Royals Sweep White Sox n; 1972 
 16Save Without Throwing Pitch? After Review, Decision is `No' n; 1972 
 17Carroll, Lyle Top Relievers Roewe, Chris; 1972 
 18Lack of Lefthanded Reliever Haunts Royal Household McGuff, Joe; 1973 
 19Boost From Bullpen Needed to Make K.C. a Contender McGuff, Joe; 1973 
 20Kaycee Royalty Slow to Take Pen in Hand McGuff, Joe; 1973 
 21Twins Redouble Efforts After Shutout in Texas Fowler, Bob; 1973 
 22Twins Taking a Brighter View of Strikeout Duo Fowler, Bob; 1974 
 23Bosox Lick Trade Turndown Wounds Gammons, Peter; 1975 
 24Fair Decisions? Twins' 4 Losers Are Not Happy Fowler, Bob; 1975 
 25Cal Won't Enter Bidding War for Unsigned Twins Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 26Burgmeier Razor Sharp n; 1976 
 27Campbell Earns Twin `Young' Vote Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 28Oriole Ace Palmer Eyes a New Honor: Gold Glove Award Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 29Calvin's '76 Woes Look Tame Now Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 30Twins Look For Two Men To Fill Campbell's Spot Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 31Four-Headed 'Monster' Spells Relief For Twins Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 32Pitching Berayed Hot-Hitting Twins Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 33New Life in the Old Burg Cotton, Anthony; 1980 
 34Fisk Takes Risk and Wins: Catcher's Arm Is Holding Up Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 35Burgmeier Rescue Ace of Fading Bosox Giuliotti, Joe; 1980 
 36Cheating Pitchers Simply Ignored Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 37Bosox' Burgmeier Seeks a Swap Giuliotti, Joe; 1981 
 3814 Spitball 'Suspects' Feel It's Harassment Gammons, Peter; 1981 
 39A's Ask Burgmeier To Set An Example Stier, Kit; 1982 
 40Sox' Burgmeier Is a Silent Hero Giuliotti, Joe; 1982 
 41Will Bosox Miss Vet Burgmeier? Giuliotti, Joe; 1982 
 42Jays' Big Bargain: Cliff Johnson Gammons, Peter; 1983 
 43Burgmeier Builds Bridge To Caudill Stier, Kit; 1984 
 44A's Coxswain Sees New Men at Oars Stier, Kit; 1984 
 451995 Minor League Directory: Kansas City Royals  1995 
 46The Human Zoo: 5. Bug Men Zminda, Don; 1999 
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