August 4, 2015
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 1Free-Agent Choices Bulwark Bombers Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 2Thurman Munson, Yankees' No. 1 Pick, Proving First-Rate Fox, John; 1968 
 3Three Bat Kings Tops for Topps as August Stars  1968 
 4Record 1,050 Free Agents Chosen in Draft: Mets Select Foli as No. 1 Pick in U.S. Janoff, Murray; 1968 
 5Two Trojans on All-America Baseball Team Chanin, Abe; 1968 
 6Don't Rule Out Orsino For Yank Job Ogle, Jim; 1969 
 7Rookie Kenney Leading Race For Dawson Award Ogle, Jim; 1969 
 8Bomber Farm Clubs Boast Choice Talent Ogle, Jim; 1969 
 9Yankee September Song Has Youthful Swing Ogle, Jim; 1969 
 10Yankees, on Slim Rations, Look to Farm Crops Ogle, Jim; 1969 
 11Seantors Make Splash..Potent at Bat, On Hill Frau, Miguel; 1969 
 12Yanks Putting Choice Prospects Under Microscope Ogle, Jim; 1969 
 13Mitt Prize Munson Making Believers of Yank Fans Ogle, Jim; 1969 
 14Scouting Reports on 1970 Major League Rookies { Continued }  1970 
 15More Rookie Flashes Needed Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1970 
 16The Yanks Are Coming, Or So They Hope Carry, Peter; 1970 
 17Houk is Fresh Out of Patience, Sends Slumpers to Bench Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 18Munson Yankees' Next Super Star? Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 19Munson Runaway Winner as A.L. Rookie Lang, Jack; 1970 
 20Youth, Key Trades Spark Yank Comeback Bid Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 21Gibbs Top-Ranked as Yanks' Back-Up Catcher Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 22Munson Makes Hit With Yankees Despite Slump Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 23Yanks Cancel Scheduled Flight as Plate Controllers Snooze Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 24  1970 
 25Yanks Gloating Over Munson, Rookie of the Year Candidate Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 26Catchers Are Back in Style  1971 
 27Munson Cornerstone of Yank Bid To Regain Heights Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 28Puny Bat Mark Goads Michael Into All-Out Fight For Yank Job Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 29Catcher Munson Only Yank Assured of Steady Job Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 30Yankees Compare A's Blue With Other Vintage Stars  1971 
 31Amateur Congress Names Munson as Grad of Year  1971 
 32Hustler Michael Keeps His Promose, Wins Steady Job Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 33'Our Guest Speaker Tonight Is...' Yank Players To Mount Podium Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 34Yanks' MacPhail Lashes at Baying Wolves Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 35New York Yankees: Murcer: Making It Big......Finally Goldberg, Hy; 1972 
 36Stronger B & B Could Give Yanks Flag Glown Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 37Subtracted Games No Yank Plus, Says Houk Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 38A Bad Day at Black Rock For a Fumbling McKinney Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 39What Yankees Want in '72--Just a Few Good Breaks Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 40Accusers Right--Tribe Had a Spy in Bleachers Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 41Yanks Take Holiday, Gird for Second-Half Spurt Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 42Spotlight Eludes Munson, But He's Yank Standout Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 43Confidence Revives Muscle in Munson Bat Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 44Yanks' Munson Sets Goals: More Hits, Fewer Mistakes Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 45Blair Unanimous Choice on A.L. Glove Stars Henkey, Ben; 1973 
 46Munson Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 47Williams Would Face Big Challenge With Yanks Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 48A.L. Players Vote Jackson, Palmer as Best: Four A's Are All-Stars Henkey, Ben; 1973 
 49Avoiding Bat Drouth Big Munson Goal for '74 Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 50 Kuenster, John, ed.; 1973 
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