September 1, 2015
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 1Good News From the Forest City Morse, J.C.; 1911 
 2Who Is the Greatest Third Baseman and Why? Lane, F.C.; 1913 
 3The Real Who's Who in Baseball  1913 
 4A Frisky Young Buck Is Kid Turner  1916 
 5  1916 
 6The Last of an All-Star Team Mason, Ward; 1916 
 7What the Stars Say  1918 
 8Where Are the Baseball Stars of Twenty Years Ago?  1925 
 9  1960 
 10Every Picture Tells a Story: 1919 Cleveland Indians Pfenninger, Allen; 1990 
 11The 1918 Cleveland Indians Phillips, John; 1997 
 12Franchise All-Nickname Teams: Indians Zminda, Don; 1999 
 13Baseball in Little Rock Turner, Terry; 2004 
 14Terrence Lamont Turner Turner, Scott; 2006 
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