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 1Austin Gets a Lift - Braves Pick Up Added 16-Gee Tab Eskew, Charley; 1960 
 2He's Underhanded About It! Ferguson, Jim; 1965 
 3Regan, Aker Grab Bull-Pen Trophies Holtzman, Jerome; 1966 
 4Bristol Views Abernathy as Possible Rescue Whiz n; 1967 
 5Face Chasing Abernathy in Fireman Race Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 6Abernathy Off and Running in Fireman Derby Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 7Reds' Hurlers Tighten Belts--Keep on Hurling Masterpieces Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 8Cincy Sweet on Abernathy's `Underhanded' Methods Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 9Rojas Extends Lead in A.L.'s Fireman Derby Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 10Minnie and Ted Hang Onto Leads in Fireman Race Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 11Abby to Fire Sizzling Pay Pitch at Reds Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 12N.L. Hitters Bowed Before Niekro's Knuckler n; 1967 
 13Abernathy Repeater as Fireman of Year; Rojas Tops in A.L. Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 14Bristol Expects Sharp Upswing From His Reds Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 15Rojas Captures Top Spot in A.L. Fireman Derby Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 16Abby Registers 23rd Save, One Under His '65 Total n; 1967 
 17Giles Disallows Protest of Cincy Loss to Cards n; 1967 
 18Oddball Season n; 1967 
 19Abby Angry; He Shivers While Starter Goes Route n; 1967 
 20Winning Hurler Ruling Lifts Some Eyebrows n; 1967 
 21Highlight Weiskopf, Herman; 1967 
 22Howsam Baits Traps For Lefty Reliever Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 23 Roth, Allan; 1968 
 24Regan and Wood Win Trophies as Majors' Top Relief Hurlers Holtzman, Jerome; 1968 
 25With Clay in Bullpen, Reds Sigh With Relief Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 26Hoolie Makes His Homers Count  1968 
 27Wood Sets Major Mark: 88 Relief Appearances  1968 
 28Regan, Wood Pad Leads in Fireman Races Holtzman, Jerome; 1968 
 29Reds Refuse to Panic While Mishaps Deplete Hill Corps Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 30Wood Ties Fireman Mark  1968 
 31Motorcycle Riding Great For Legs, Says Raudman Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 32Dear Abby: Here is a Little Something For Next Year... Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 33Salary Spats Spice Midwinter Bulletins For Cincinnati Fans Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 34Musial--Jeannie, That Is--Has Good Eye Like Dad  1968 
 35Regan and Wood Showing Heels in Fireman Stakes Holtzman, Jerome; 1968 
 36Don't Write Off the Reds, Bristol Tells Leading Cards Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 37Shades of '60! Virdon Pinch-Homers in Ninth Biederman, Les; 1968 
 38Abernathy Tough on Most Clubs--Not Against Bucs  1968 
 39May Day Comes Early for Reds Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 40Hot-Hitting Kessinger Key Man in Club Rise Holtzman, Jerome; 1969 
 41Super Fireman Abby Supplies Fuel Derick, Mel; 1969 
 42Elated Cubs Hail Abby As Flag Factor Holtzman, Jerry; 1969 
 43Reds Delighted With 3 Comers in Abby Trade Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 44Abby Anchorman in Royal Blueprint For Strong Bullpen McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 45Dear Abby: Royals Think You're Super Bordman, Sid; 1970 
 46Royals Counting on Pluses for Progress McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 47 Roth, Allan; 1971 
 48Hot Races For Rescue Prizes  1971 
 49Texas Scores With Hit in 18th to Shade Royals n; 1972 
 50Lyttle Takes Root as Royal Gardener of Future McGuff, Joe; 1973 
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