September 1, 2015
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 1Winnipeg Plague: a Dearth of Players  1971 
 2Last-Place Peninsula Strings 3 Shutouts n; 1972 
 3Expo Defense Due for Big Overhaul MacDonald, Ian; 1973 
 4Expos Flip Lids Over Rookie Rogers MacDonald, Ian; 1973 
 5Everybody Takes a Turn as Expo Hero MacDonald, Ian; 1973 
 6Velez, Taveras Rate as Int's Best Hardman, A.L.; 1973 
 7Matthews of Giants Cited by Writers as Top Rookie Lang, Jack; 1973 
 8N.L. Tops on Topps' Rookie Team n; 1973 
 9Mr. Intensity of the Expos Jordan, Pat; 1974 
 10The Rookie Who Made Montreal a Contender MacCarl, Neil; 1974 
 11 Peterson, Harold; 1974 
 12'Very Bright and Very Exciting' Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 13Little Tarnish Brightens Up Expos' Sterling Steve Dunn, Bob; 1974 
 14Rogers Brightest Hope on Expo Mound Dunn, Bob; 1974 
 15Renko Fails for Third Time in No-Hitter Bid Dunn, Bob; 1974 
 16N.L. Acclaims Capra June Player of Month n; 1974 
 17Rogers Star Pick Reflects Rise of Expo Hurlers Dunn, Bob; 1974 
 18Blair Loud Noise on Expo Mound Dunn, Bob; 1974 
 19Rogers, Singleton Branded Expo '74 Flops Dunn, Bob; 1974 
 20`Sore Elbow Got Out of Hand,' Says Rogers Dunn, Bob; 1975 
 21Expos Can Make Tracks If Wheels Hold Up Dunn, Bob; 1975 
 22The Super Supernumerary Dunn, Bob; 1976 
 23Costly Mistakes Balloon Rogers' Defeat Log Dunn, Bob; 1976 
 24Expos' Five-Year Pact Registered With Cash MacDonald, Ian; 1976 
 25Expos Must Do Selling Job on Life in Montreal MacDonald, Ian; 1976 
 26Expos Reward Rogers--A 3-Year Pact MacDonald, Ian; 1976 
 27Players Challenge Sked n; 1976 
 28Docs Work Overtime Repairing Expo Cripples Dunn, Bob; 1976 
 29Expo Hill Tale...After Rogers What? MacDonald, Ian; 1977 
 30One-Hitter For Rogers  1977 
 31Rogers No.1 On Expo Staff, But He Faces Challengers MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 32Expos Edgy After Fox-Rogers Brawl MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 33Expos MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 34He Pitches As Though He's Falling Out of a Tree! Elderkin, Phil; 1978 
 35Rogers Brilliant, But His Log Isn't MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 36Gary Carter Black, Stu; 1978 
 37Rogers Lost To Expos  1978 
 38Expos' Fight Results in New Battle Chass, Murray; 1978 
 39All Signs Point To Go For Rogers MacDonald, Ian; 1979 
 40Expos Make Hay On Green Grass of Home MacDonald, Ian; 1979 
 41The Hitters Rate the Top Pitchers Hanks, Stephen; 1979 
 42Expos Differ On Williams as NL Pilot of Year Pick MacDonald, Ian; 1979 
 43The Amazing Case of the Hitless Pitcher Richman, Alan; 1979 
 44The Year the Expos Almost Won the Pennant Snyder, Brodie; 1979 
 45The Kids of Summer Shah, Diane K.; 1979 
 46Expo View From Top Lots Brighter MacDonald, Ian; 1980 
 47Rogers Lauds Expos' Team Spirit MacDonald, Ian; 1980 
 48Canada Gets a Case of World Series Fever Richman, Alan; 1980 
 49Expos Come Up Short Once Again MacDonald, Ian; 1980 
 50Big 3 a 4-Star Show On Expo Hill MacDonald, Ian; 1980 
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