August 28, 2015
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 1Tatupu's 5 RBIs Spark Honolulu to Pony Crown Sigler, Fred; 1969 
 2Fairbanks Keeps Title; College Players Shine Hanley, Reid; 1973 
 3Dubious Triumph in Florida Jordan, Pat; 1974 
 4A Tiger at the Plate Kamb, Susan; 1976 
 5Kemp, `Another Lynn,' Tops Major Draft List Lang, Jack; 1976 
 6Ex-Trojan Kemp Called a New Lynn Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 7Kemp's Swings at Bat Match His Money at Montgomery Doane, Jack; 1976 
 8Tigers Put Tag on Steve Kemp as Future Star Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 9Gorinski a Repeater on Topps Stars n; 1976 
 10Kemp Welcome Addition to Power-Starved Trips Swanson, Pete; 1976 
 11Templeton, Dawson and Kemp Top A.A. Talent Swanson, Pete; 1976 
 12Tiger Course Linked to Four Question Marks Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 13Tiger Infield Has Earmarks of Revolving Door Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 14Tiger Convalescents Get Early Call Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 15Age Nipped Horton's Long-Pact Bid Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 16These Rookies Are Tabbed as 'Best Bets' for '77 Vass, George; 1977 
 17Tigers Face Questions On Comeback Ability of Injured Performers Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 18Houk Takes Look at Kids and Dreams of Old Times Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 19Sale of Horton Puts Heat On Kemp Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 20Houk Sees a Bit of Mantle in Kemp Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 21Roar? No, the Tigers Go 'Tweety!' Keith, Larry; 1978 
 22Kemp and Thompson the Lions of Tiger Future Hawkins, Jim; 1978 
 23Truant Tigers Get Raises in Pact Renewal Hawkins, Jim; 1978 
 24Steve Kemp: The Maturing of a Hitter Burns, Bud; 1979 
 25Star Trek Fulfills Kemp's Boyhood Dream Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 26Kemp's Walk Total Worries Tigers Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 27Limp Bat Puts Crimp in Kemp's All-Star Bid Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 28Moss Grooms Eight Tigers To Fill Rusty's Job as DH Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 29Kemp To Put Big Pay Bite On Tigers Gage, Tom; 1979 
 30Carew Talks Hitting Falls, Joe; 1979 
 31Kemp Feels Trade in Wind Gage, Tom; 1980 
 32Tiger Mystery: Unsigned Kemp Gage, Tom; 1980 
 33Pay Demands Jolt Tigers Gage, Tom; 1980 
 34Wagner On Tiger Trade List Gage, Tom; 1980 
 35Kemp Survives Painful Season Gage, Tom; 1980 
 36Tigers Break Ice: Big Pact For Trammell Gage, Tom; 1980 
 37Tigers Limping Toward the Wire Gage, Tom; 1980 
 38Kemp a Big Loser Gage, Tom; 1981 
 39Kemp Price Too High For Tigers Gage, Tom; 1981 
 40Kemp-Lemon: Fewer Homers? Isle, Stan; 1981 
 41Kemp, Lemon: Opportunity Raps Gammons, Peter; 1981 
 42Kemp New No. 3 Chisox Swinger Markus, Bob; 1981 
 43Dollars, Sense in Kemp Trade Falls, Joe; 1981 
 44Salary Squabbles Old Hat To Kemp Gage, Tom; 1981 
 45Tigers' Kemp Unsigned (Again) Gage, Tom; 1981 
 46Kemp Victory Leaves Bad Taste Gage, Tom; 1981 
 47$600,000 For Kemp Is Arbitration Champ Chass, Murray; 1981 
 48Pressure of Hefty Pay No Problem For Kemp Gage, Tom; 1981 
 49One For One: How Six Big Trades Worked Out Whitford, David; 1982 
 50These Are the Top 'Hustlers' in the Majors Vass, George; 1982 
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