December 18, 2014
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 1Dodgers Unearth 4 Nuggets on Ogden Farm Hunter, Bob; 1968 
 2Seattle Boasts `First'--Player as Topps Star  1968 
 3Two Trojans on All-America Baseball Team Chanin, Abe; 1968 
 4Slugger Garvey Brightest of Hot Dodger Prospects Hunter, Bob; 1969 
 5Don Anderson 3-Time Choice in Topps Vote  1969 
 6Dodgers Panning For New Gold in Arizona Instructional Loop Hunter, Bob; 1969 
 7Dodgers See Gems On 40-Man Roster Hunter, Bob; 1969 
 8Buckner, Garvey Dodger Go-Go Duo Hunter, Bob; 1970 
 9Valentine is Dodgers No. 1 Farm Prize Hunter, Bob; 1970 
 10Dodgers Bet on Comeback by Hurlers Hunter, Bob; 1970 
 11Russell, Garvey Sparking Spokane, Scourge of PCL Stewart, Chuck; 1970 
 12Spokane's Lasorda Chosen No. 1 Manager of Minors Stewart, Chuck; 1970 
 13Rookie Paciorek to Wear Big D's Digits Hunter, Bob; 1970 
 14GI Garvey To Go Gunning For Dodger Third Base Post Hunter, Bob; 1971 
 15The Dodgers' Infield of the Future Oates, Bob; 1972 
 16Dodgers Are Two Deep at Every Infield Berth Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 17Close Pals Garvey, Grabby Battling for L.A. Hot-Sack Post Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 18Dodgers' Busy Corner Durslag, Melvin; 1972 
 19Garvey is Dodger Answer to a Very Sticky Problem Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 20Dodgers Need a Walloper to Swing Behind F. Robby Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 21Dodgers' Kids Sharp, But Are They Ready? Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 22Garvey Sees Series Goal Within Dodgers' Reach Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 23Garvey Shaping Future as Dandy in Dominican Comarazamy, R.; 1972 
 24Valentine Fractures Nose; Garvey Plays Third for LA n; 1972 
 25How the Dodgers Struck It Rich in the 1968 Player Draft Claire, Fred; 1972 
 26Juggle Alston Shakes Up L.A. Lineup Almost Daily Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 27Dodger Holdover Rau Sparkling With Licey Comarazamy, Roosevelt; 1972 
 28Expo Rookie Tom Walker--A Thinking Pitcher MacDonald, Ian; 1972 
 29Catcher Ferguson's Sizzling Bat Earns Dodger Raves Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 30Smokey Still in Haze Over Two Dodger Spots Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 31Garvey Gifted Double-Duty Dodger Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 32Dodger Kids Like a Sunburst in Runner-Up Gloom Rapoport, Ron; 1973 
 33Marshall's Scroogie Pays Off to Tune of 50 Thousand MacDonald, Ian; 1973 
 34Even Smokey Recognizes Fire in Dodger Kids Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 35Alston Cool on Platooning, He'll Seek Set Dodger Lineup Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 36Dodger Kids Sparkle in Latin Loops Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 37L.A. Dodgers: Baseball's New Whiz Kids Claire, Fred; 1973 
 38How Patience Paid Off For the Dodgers' Steve Garvey Ames, Steve; 1974 
 39Baseball Superstitions Are Still With Us Shirley, Bill; 1974 
 40Who's On Third? Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 41  1974 
 42Steve Garvey, Nice Guy on First Bisher, Furman; 1974 
 43Bus Driver's Son Maps N.L. Victory Route Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1974 
 44Garvey Being Touted for All-Star Job Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 45Joshua Blasts Way to Starting Job Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 46Joshua Blasts Way to Starting Job Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 47Enemies Take Cover as Toy Cannon Explodes Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 48A California Split for Openers Fimrite, Ron; 1974 
 49Ken Was Mr. Clutch in Dodger Super Pinch Corps Rapoport, Ron; 1974 
 50Switcher Kids Give Dodgers an Infield That Could Be No. 1 Newhan, Ross; 1974 
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