September 4, 2015
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 1Gene Baker Sent To Batavia as Pirate Farm Club Pilot Nixon, Kent; 1961 
 2Topps Gum Will Sponsor Prizes For Minor Stars  1961 
 3Towering Parsons Elbowing Way Toward Top With Bucs Johns, Walter; 1961 
 4Rugged Rapper Gene Alley Hits Roadblock in Mesa's Jinx Park Diskin, Tom; 1962 
 5.45s Cop Four of 13 Spots On Star Squad: Giants, Pirates Nab Two Berths Each Diskin, Tom; 1962 
 6Two Prospects in Bucs' Chain Top ERA Table  1963 
 711 Farmhands to Train With Bucs  1963 
 8Skipper Walker Mastermind Maneuvers Backfire on Crax  1963 
 9Whammy With a Weenie  1966 
 10Gonder Has Rough Night, Reds Win With Four Hits n; 1967 
 11Hat Rips Up Book, But Reaps Harvest Biederman, Les; 1967 
 12Bat is Magic Wand in Matty's Grip Biederman, Les; 1967 
 13Blass Corrected Bad Hill Habit in the Florida Instruction Loop n; 1967 
 14Bucco Battery in Need of Recharging Biederman, Les; 1967 
 15Shepard Probing Bucco Soft Spots Biederman, Les; 1967 
 16Steve Blass--The Bucs' Money Pitcher Biederman, Les; 1968 
 17Bucs' Shepard Counts Up His Blessings Biederman, Les; 1968 
 18Buccos Need Medico More Than Anything Biederman, Les; 1968 
 19Bucs' Blass Acclaimed N.L. Player of Month  1968 
 20High Spots--and Some Low Ones--of '68 Burnes, Bob; 1968 
 21Blass Blossoms; Ellis Could Be Next to Thrive Biederman, Les; 1968 
 22Bucs' Blass Slow to Get Going, But Finished Like a Hurricane Biederman, Les; 1968 
 23No-Hitters Old Stuff For Hawaii Receiver  1968 
 24Face Leaves Bucs in a Blaze of Glory Biederman, Les; 1968 
 25Brooks Beaned for Fifth Time in Career  1968 
 26Debits Bury Gains in Sad Corsair Log Biederman, Les; 1969 
 27Dapper Dan Co-Winners: Blass, Hoak Biederman, Les; 1969 
 28The Deck Is Shuffled Mulvoy, Mark; 1969 
 29Banquet Crowds Hail Bucco Hill Ace Blass Feeney, Charley; 1969 
 30`Pirates Good to Me,' Blass Says--and Signs  1969 
 31Third Game-Winning Hit by Blass Derails Mets  1969 
 32Pittsburgh Pirates Allen, Maury; 1969 
 33No Disgruntlements Around Here Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1970 
 34Lefty Hrabosky Plugs Card Relief Gap Russo, Neal; 1970 
 35Blass Put on Disabled List--No Fracture  1970 
 36Pirate Flag Ship Ties Up To New-Style Dock Feeney, Charley; 1970 
 37Blass Finds the Key To Fast Start; Cure For 'Horrors of April' Feeney, Charley; 1970 
 38On the Lam With the Three Rivers Gang Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1971 
 39On the Lam With the Three Rivers Gang Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1971 
 40Please Excuse Pun, But Torre Faced Goodly Share of 'Whigs' Russo, Neal; 1971 
 41Brown Breaks Ice, Brings Seven Pirates Into Fold  1971 
 42Ellis, Blass Give Buccos One-Two Mound Punch Feeney, Charley; 1971 
 43Greatest Catch? This One By Roberto Will Do Feeney, Charley; 1971 
 44Bucs Play Three-Day Blank-O  1971 
 45Hometown Tosses Party For Series Biggie Blass  1971 
 46Robertson Sparks Bucs With Homer Show Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1971 
 47Some Kind of a Comeback Leggett, William; 1971 
 48Pirates Rebound On Bob's 'Bunt', Blass' 3-Hitter Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1971 
 49Blass Was Ill, But Birds Were Dead Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1971 
 50East Champ Bucs Reward Danny's Encore Juggle Act Feeney, Charley; 1971 
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