September 3, 2015
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 1Red Sox Lose Lefty Lyle in Heat of Stretch Drive n; 1967 
 2Rookie Lahoud Jumps Ahead of Hub's Timetable Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 3Bosox Demise Traced to Hill Decline Claflin, Larry; 1970 
 4Fading Bosox Send SOS For Hill Aid Claflin, Larry; 1970 
 5Southpaw Sparky - Hub's Best Reliever Since Era of Radatz Claflin, Larry; 1970 
 6Six-Man Bullpen: Bosox Pride, Joy Claflin, Larry; 1970 
 7Red Sox Look For Spark From Lighter Lyle Claflin, Larry; 1971 
 8Hot Races For Rescue Prizes  1971 
 9Relief Ace Tatum On Shelf - A Blow To Surging Bosox Claflin, Larry; 1971 
 10Red Man To the Rescue Fimrite, Ron; 1972 
 11Pomp and Sparky  1972 
 12Bullpen Has Been Pride of the Yankees Since '27 Waters, Bob; 1972 
 13Boston Red Sox: They Lead the League in Turmoil Goldberg, Hy; 1972 
 14Sparking the Yankees n; 1972 
 15Bosox Cure Gateway Ills, But Develop Bullpen Sore Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 16Subtracted Games No Yank Plus, Says Houk Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 17Yanks Rub Hands Over a Bargain: Reliever Lyle Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 18Bosox Fans Hit New Low Over Winter Trades Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 19Sparky `Couldn't Wait' n; 1972 
 20Saved From Trading Ax, Lyle Wants More Action Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 21Krausse Could Be Sleeper on Red Sox Hill Staff Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 22Sparky Lyle: Key to the 'New' Yankees Feeney, Charley; 1972 
 23Record-Sized Helmets for Firemen of Year Roewe, Chris; 1972 
 24N.L. Castoff Dick Allen Named A.L.'s MVP Lang, Jack; 1972 
 25Sparky's a Bell Ringer, But He's No Ding-a-Ling Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 26Carroll, Lyle Top Relievers Roewe, Chris; 1972 
 27Blood Brothers of Yank Bullpen: It's a Tough Fraternity to Crack Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 28Cater Silences Hub Critics With Big Rebound at Dish Claflin, Larry; 1972 
 29Cool in Clutch--Yankees' Ace Reliever Lyle Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 30Yanks Take Holiday, Gird for Second-Half Spurt Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 31Carroll, Lyle Leading Rescue Trophy Race n; 1972 
 32Lyle and Carroll Top Firemen Roewe, Chris; 1972 
 33Lindy's Exile Ends; Sharp Relief Job Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 34Frustrated Stot Uncovered Defect in Delivery Too Late Ogle, Jim; 1972 
 35Putting Out the Fires in New York McDermott, Barry; 1972 
 36Count Dracula & the Yankees: Back From the Dead Devaney, Bob; 1973 
 37Sparky Lyle: the Yankees Life Saver Dolson, Frank; 1973 
 38Sparky Lyle: Late-Inning Magic Deindorfer, Robert G.; 1973 
 39Sparky Lyle: Late-Inning Magic Deondorfer, Robert G.; 1973 
 40The New Yankees n; 1973 
 41Trade of Lyle One of Red Sox' 10 Biggest Boners Kaese, Harold; 1973 
 42Michael Signed Out of Pity Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 43Lyle's Spark Missing--Three Games, Three HRs n; 1973 
 44`Season's Still Young,' Says Houk as Yankees Stumble Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 45Yankees Hit Jackpot With Sparky's Rescue Act Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 46Red Sox Start to Collect Dividends on Yank Swaps Claflin, Larry; 1973 
 47Fire Fighters' Local Speeds Up Yank Express Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 48Hiller Sets A.L. Save Record n; 1973 
 49Lyle Returns to Yankees, But Smiles Among Missing Pepe, Phil; 1974 
 50Sparky to Be Sheared n; 1974 
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