September 5, 2015
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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1Baseball: Babette Ruths  1946 
 2Glamour Ball Feldman, Jay; 1987 
 3The Runner Wore Skirts Dagavarian-Bonar, Debbi; 1991 
 4Woman of Steal: Rickey Henderson is Good, But He's no Sophie Kurys Wulf, Steve; 1991 
 5Up to the Plate Galt, Margot Fortunato; 1995 
 6The Flint Flash: the Premier Basestealer of the All- American Girls Baseball League Sargent, Jim; 1997 
 7Dirt on their Skirts Rappaport, Doreen; Lyndall Callan; 2000 
 8Kamenshek, The All-American Holway, John B.; 2003 
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