September 3, 2015
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 1The Bronx Express Dexter, Charles; 1943 
 2Grandstand Larceny  1944 
 3Other People's Bases Lardner, John; 1944 
 4Stirnweiss Yankee of Year, McCarthy Did His Best Job Daniel, Daniel M.; 1944 
 5George Stirnweiss Who Has Played a Splendid Game for the Yanks This Year  1944 
 6Baseball Bandit; George Stirnweiss of the Yanks Is Big-League Base-Stealing King Cohane, Tim; 1945 
 7Epilogue To the Famine Lardner, John; 1945 
 8  1945 
 9Dave Ferriss, Red Sox Rookie Pitcher, Named Player of Year on All-America Daniel, Daniel M.; 1945 
 10Diamond and Gridiron Radcliff, Howell A.; 1945 
 11Stirnweiss, George  1946 
 12  1946 
 13Not in the Contracts Mann, Arthur; 1946 
 14You Never Can Tell Winerip, Harold; 1947 
 15  1947 
 16Base Running Allen, Ethan; 1948 
 17The All Time All-Hustle Team Drebinger, John; 1948 
 18Can Grid Stars Make It? Drebinger, John; 1950 
 19The Hit and Run Boyer, Carl; 1951 
 20A Sporting Finish Menke, Frank G.; 1953 
 21  1958 
 22Rivers Swipes No. 40, Hikes Yank List to 12 n; 1976 
 23Snuffy Stirnweiss Gallagher, Mark; 1984 
 24Winning a Batting Title Doesn't Always Bring Fame Newman, Mark; 1988 
 25These Were the Majors' Closest Batting Races Ever! Kuenster, Bob; 1988 
 26This Was the Closest Race Ever For a Batting Title Chastain, Bill; 1993 
 27Cuccunello Dies  1995 
 28During War, Stirnweiss Was Top AL Weapon Spatz, Lyle; 1996 
 29Snuffy Spatz, Lyle; 1999 
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