August 30, 2015
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 1Anecdotes of Big League Stars Gutterman, Irving G.; 1932 
 2 Gutterman, Irving G.; 1932 
 3The Biggest Gamble in Sport Evans, Billy; 1933 
 4Martyrs of the Baseball Diamond McEligot, J. Warren; 1934 
 5The Fans Have Their Say McNulty, William J.; 1937 
 6 Burr, Harold C.; 1937 
 7Now I'll Tell One Evans, Billy; 1945 
 8Pitching Takes Brains Smith, Red; 1947 
 9Gags and Yarns Kilroy, Hank; 1950 
 10Baseball - the Perfect Game Angell, Roger; 1954 
 11Baseball - the Perfect Game Angell, Roger; 1954 
 12 Bennett, Biff; 1955 
 13The Worst Fielder Anybody Ever Saw Orr, Jack; 1956 
 14Favorite Anecdotes Burnes, Bob; 1958 
 15The Wall That Defies All: The "Big Green Monster" of Boston's Fenway Park Falls, Joe; 1965 
 16 Carmichael, John P.; 1970 
 17Forgotten Men in the Bushes Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1971 
 18Warm Breezes From the Past Linn, Ed; 1971 
 19Hurry Back, Stu! Bisher, Furman; 1973 
 20All You Ever Wanted in a Ball Park--and Less Maddocks, Melvin; 1975 
 21Smead Powell Jolley  1978 
 22Holey Mitts! The Most Inept Fielding Performances Nash, Bruce And Allan Zullo; 1985 
 23The Top Minor League Players  1985 
 24'Characters' Have Always Brightened Baseball Scene Falls, Joe; 1986 
 25Smead Jolley  1989 
 26Smead Jolley Pacini, Le; 1990 
 27Passings  1991 
 28Smead Jolley, Former PCL Batting Champ  1991 
 29A Trombone Scholarship?: Ted Lyons Murdock, Eugene; 1991 
 30Son Of A Star: Billy Sullivan, Jr. Murdock, Eugene; 1991 
 311930s: May 21-24, 1930 To August 20, 1939 Blake, Mike; 1994 
 32Smead Jolley Spalding, John; 1994 
 33Barbary Baseball: the Pacific Coast League of the 1920s Mackey, R. Scott; 1995 
 34Bobby Doerr in 1934 Doerr, Bobby; as told to James D. Smith, III; 2005 
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