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 1  1910 
 2"Slim" Sallee of the Cardinals is For Coca-Cola  1913 
 3Baseball Hypnotism Rice, Grantland; Illustrated by F.G. Cooper; 1914 
 4H.F. Sallee Drinks Coca-Cola  1914 
 5H.F. Sallee Drinks Coca-Cola  1914 
 6H.F. Sallee Drinks Coca-Cola  1914 
 7Baseball's Biggest Trade Goewey, Edwin A.; 1916 
 8Giants Glad Raid of Westerners Ends; Heavy Damage Done Reputation of Gotham's Prides; Nor Have Yankees Abroad Kept Up the Fame That Is Due the Great Metropolis in Baseball Vila, Joe; 1916 
 9Alibi Tale of Giants To Run as a Serial; Excuses For Poor Showing On Own Grounds Retold; Vila, However, Says He Thinks Real Reason Is That McGraw Has Been Facing A-One Pitching Vila, Joe; 1916 
 10Who's Who on the Diamond  1917 
 11Where the Breaks Decide Faber, Urban; 1917 
 12How the World's Championship Was Lost and Won Phelon, W.A.; 1917 
 13Comments from the Winning Players  1917 
 14Chance Remarks of Leading Players at the Big Games  1919 
 15Two Pitchers Who Have Grudges Against the New Rules  1920 
 16A Manager's Share in a World's Championship McGraw, John J. ( As revealed from an interview with ); 1920 
 17Can a Pitcher Still Work at His Trade ? Sallee, "Slim"; 1920 
 18Slim Sal  1920 
 19Slim Sallee Hoefer, W. R.; 1920 
 20The Two Famouis Left/Handers of the World's Champion Cincinnati Reds, "Dutch" Reuther and "Slim" Sallee  1920 
 21  1920 
 22Major Leaguers Who Were Downright Unlucky Kofoed, J. C.; 1924 
 23An Ideal Delivery for Speed Pitching Johnson, Walter, Comprising an interview with; 1927 
 24An Ideal Delivery for Speed Pitching Johnson, Walter, Comprising an interview with; 1927 
 25Two-Timing The Batter Harper, Walter; 1941 
 26Nuggets from Slim Sallee's Pitching Philosophy  1945 
 27  1948 
 28  1950 
 29Southpaw Supremacy: a One-year Wonder Uzarowski, Leon; 1975 
 30Pitching in a Pinch: Or, Baseball From the Inside Mathewson, Christy; edited By Vic Ziegel; Neil Offen; 1977 
 31Slim Sallee's Extraordinary Year Suehsdorf, A.D. And Richard J. Thompson; 1990 
 32Slim Sallee Day Salee, Eric; and Paul Sallee; 2000 
 33Sallee Day, 1919 Sallee, Paul; Sallee, Eric; 2004 
 34Harry Franklin "Slim" Sallee Sallee, Paul; & Eric Sallee; 2004 
 35The Summer of '14: Almost a Miracle, The Cardinals' First Great Pennant Race Steinberg, Steve; 2007 
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