August 30, 2015
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 1Why Umpire O'Loughlin Is "Silk" Burke, William J.; 1908 
 2Leading Figures in the World of Athletics  1908 
 3 Goewey, E.A.; 1909 
 4The Rulers of the Game Moss, E.B.; 1909 
 5 Goewey, Ed A.; 1909 
 6The Fan and the Umpire Evans, Billy; 1911 
 7How To Be Czar of the Diamond  1911 
 8Just Baseball Mathewson, Christy; 1913 
 9His Decision Final Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by "Zim"; 1914 
 10"Silk's" Ready Answer Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1914 
 11  1916 
 12  1917 
 13n; 1919 
 14Chapter VII Evans, Billy; 1925 
 15The Fence Climbers Fullerton, Hugh; 1927 
 16How About a School For Rules? Pollack, Ed; 1944 
 17Low and Inside Smith, Ira; H. Allen; 1949 
 18I Never Missed One in My Heart Klem, Bill; with William J. Slocum; 1951 
 19The Umpire Story Kahn, James M.; 1953 
 20Francis "Silk" O'Loughlin Anderson, David; 2006 
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