August 30, 2015
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 1Who's Who in Baseball  1917 
 2How I Pulled a Beautiful World's Series Bone Faber, "Red" ( An Interview with ); 1920 
 3Playing Positions that Others Don't Want Ward, John J.; 1920 
 4Which Big League Cities Have the Fairest Fans ? Sanborn, Irving E.; 1921 
 5Is Professional Baseball a Dangerous Game ? Collins, John, From an interview with; 1924 
 6Editorial Comment  1932 
 7  1945 
 8  1955 
 9Louisville's Gallagher Hopes to Maintain Family Tradition Coons, Ron; 1972 
 10Earl of Dublin: Major League Record Holder Glebe, Iris Webb; 1988 
 11The Lost New England Nine: The Best of New England's Forgotten Ballplayers Anderson, Will; 2003 
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