October 20, 2014
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 1El Segundo's Ruth Champs Blank Rivals Nelson, Johnny; 1969 
 2Scott McGregor  1972 
 3Bristol's Jim Rice Mauling Eastern League Pitchers Lemonnier, Skip; 1973 
 4Williams Would Face Big Challenge With Yanks Ogle, Jim; 1973 
 5`I'll Go to the Courts If I'm Not Satisfied,' Says Finley Bergman, Ron; 1973 
 6Seven Syracuse Players Robbed in Charleston n; 1974 
 7Dad's Tip Made McGregor Southpaw Whiz for Chiefs Snyder, Bob; 1974 
 8Rochester Leads IL Prospect List Hardman, A.L.; 1974 
 9`He's Trying to Be Another Landis'--Martin Pepe, Phil; 1976 
 10Five Unsigned Players Cloud Orioles' Plans Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 11Dauer and Hobson Were Top Int Performers Snyder, Bob; 1976 
 12MVP Award is Shared by Three I.L. Stalwarts Matthews, Bob; 1976 
 135-for-5 Deal Hardly a 10-Strike for Orioles Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 14McGregor Move Pivotal in Race for I.L. Flag n; 1976 
 15Orioles Lavish Praise On Stingy McGregor Henneman, Jim; 1978 
 16Young Birds Prosper at Foot of Prof Palmer Henneman, Jim; 1978 
 17Scott McGregor Ranked High Among the Most Efficient Pitchers in '79 Kuenster, John; 1979 
 18McGregor Gets New Life as Swap Rumors Die Nigro, Ken; 1979 
 19Orioles Try Rest Cure For Scotty's Arm Nigro, Ken; 1979 
 20Orioles Soar To Crest of AL Nigro, Ken; 1979 
 21'Legend' Brooks Leads Cheers For DeCinces  1979 
 22A Series of Ups and Downs Fimrite, Ron; 1979 
 23Kiko's Bat a Lethal Weapon, Stunned Pirates Concede: Game 3 Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1979 
 24Yanks, O's Reach Point of No Return Kaegel, Dick; 1980 
 25Orioles Get All Pumped Up By Scotty's Show of Heart Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 26Skaggs Exodus Spreads Gloom  1980 
 27Players Okay Labor Pact - Only the Twins Dissent Chass, Murray; 1980 
 28McGregor, Looking Ahead, Tries His Hand at Teaching Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 29Bird Wings Clipped Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 30McGregor Is Happy With O's Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 31The Long Wait Pays Off the Scott McGregor Shalin, Mike; 1981 
 32McGregor To Open Season On April 20 Nigro, Ken; 1981 
 33McGregor Hurting, Stewart Moaning Henneman, Jim; 1982 
 34Mind Over Batter: the Smartest Pitcher in Baseball Jordan, Pat; 1982 
 35McGregor, Murray End Phil Misery Nightingale, Dave; 1983 
 36Pitching Rainbows Allman, William F.; 1983 
 37Slow Death of the Fastball Whitford, David; 1983 
 38O's Seek Clues in Winter Drills Henneman, Jim; 1983 
 39McGregor's Burst Ideally Timed Henneman, Jim; 1983 
 40Brewers' Cooper Saluted as A.L. Player of Month  1983 
 41Orioles' Mission: Avoid False Start Henneman, Jim; 1983 
 42Cy Young Award: Starters Only, Please Gammons, Peter; 1983 
 43Are Baltimore Orioles Best Team in Baseball, Or Just the Best Run? Blustein, Paul; 1983 
 44Baseball's Big Challenge: Developing Solid Pitching Gammons, Peter; 1984 
 45Freak Injury Ends McGregor's Season Henneman, Jim; 1984 
 46Orioles Just Keep Winning, Waiting Henneman, Jim; 1984 
 47Birds Flying at Pace Equal To Last Year's Henneman, Jim; 1984 
 48The President Took Altobelli's Seat Henneman, Jim; 1984 
 49Stewart and Snell Rescuing Starters Henneman, Jim; 1985 
 50Can They Bring Jays Back To the Pack? Gammons, Peter; 1985 
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