September 4, 2015
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 1Dodgers Call Up Edmundo Amoros  1952 
 2Rookie Sandy Amoros May Move Jackie Out of Dodger Outfield  1954 
 3Amoros Named Cuba's Top Pro Athlete  1954 
 4Brooklyn Recalls Sandy Amoros For Stretch Drive  1954 
 5Amour Toujours in Left  1955 
 6Amoros, Newk, Doby Move On Rumor Treadmill  1955 
 7El Catch Lardner, John; 1955 
 8When Brooklyn Won Creamer, Robert; 1955 
 9Greatest Series Catch  1955 
 10Larsen Bears Dodgers in Perfect Game; Yanks Lead, 3-2, On First Series No-Hitter Drebinger, John; 1956 
 11The Dodgers Win! Williams, Joe; 1956 
 12Pen And Bench Gaven, Mike.; 1958 
 13Can Jim Repeat Pulmotor Magic? Motor City Wonders Spoelstra, Watson; 1960 
 14 Carmichael, John P.; 1961 
 15Berra and Stengel Tell Their Best Series Stories Pepe, Phil; 1964 
 16An Ump Recognizes Guts Anderson, Jim; 1965 
 17The Catch That Sent Brooklyn Gaga Stann, Francis; 1965 
 18The Yankees' Fatal Five Dexter, Charles; 1965 
 19  1967 
 20Amoros, Ex-Series Hero, Now Walks in Poverty Amdur, Neil; 1967 
 21The Sun's Coming Out For Sandy n; 1967 
 22Amoros, 37, Signs L.A. `Pension Pact' Hunter, Bob; 1967 
 23Memorable World Series Catches  1973 
 24 Podres, Johnny; as told to George Vass; 1973 
 25Baseball Classics Unforgotten: Not `World Serious' But-- Spander, Art; 1974 
 26Baseball's Best Years: the 1950's? Borden, Paul; 1975 
 27Brooklyn August King, Stephen; 1977 
 28Magic Mitts Reichler, Joseph L.; 1978 
 29Sandy Amoros: 1955 Dodger Savior Has Financial Woes Kiersh, Edward; 1981 
 30This is Next Year Perez, Dick; 1981 
 31No Dull Days in Brooklyn Young, Dick; 1982 
 32Sandy Amoros Salant, Nathan; 1982 
 33Baseball Has Lost Its Cuban Connection Figueredo, Jorge; 1984 
 34Sandy Amoros Appel, Marty; 1988 
 35These Were Ten Biggest Outs in Baseball History Waterman, Guy; 1989 
 36Ten Greatest World Series Fielding Feats! Vass, George; 1989 
 37The Struggles of Sandy A Dawidoff, Nicholas; 1989 
 38Bums & Bombers: the Greatest Series of Series Carroll, Bob; 1991 
 39Dodger Reunion To Honor Sandy Amoros Goldin, Marc; 1991 
 40Amoros Dies at 62 in Miami  1992 
 41Amoros, Sandy.  1992 
 42Died Guard, Sally; 1992 
 43Sandy Amoros, World Series Star For Dodgers in 1955, Dies at 62. Thomas, Robert McG., Jr; 1992 
 44Hard Times For Amoros of the Brooklyn Dodgers) Nobles, Charlie; 1992 
 45Hard Times For Amoros, But Pride Remains Nobles, Charlie; 1992 
 46Johnny Podres' High Mark: World Series Win in '55 Lucas, Edward; 1992 
 47Edmundo "Sandy" Amoros Moffi, Larry and Jonathan Kronstadt; 1994 
 48Bums No More: the Championship Season of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Wolpin, Stewart; 1995 
 49Threes Are Wild  1998 
 50This Old House; Babe Ruth May Have Built Yankee Stadium, But the Foundations of Its Legacy Are the Battles Waged There and the Great Athletes Who Called It Home Nack, William; 1999 
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