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 1  1906 
 2Expert and Popular Exponents of the National Game  1908 
 3Playing the Outfield Crawford, Sam; 1909 
 4All-America Professional Baseball Team; Selecting the Stars of the Diamond For Nineteen Hundred and Nine Anson, A.C.; 1909 
 5An All-American Baseball Team Par Excellence  1909 
 6"Wahoo" Sam Crawford: the Famous Slugging Outfielder of the Detroit Tigers Lieb, Frederick C.; 1911 
 7When I Comes To Self-Advertising, the Baseball Star Can Give the Prima Donna Cards and Spades Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1913 
 8The Real Who's Who in Baseball  1913 
 9  1913 
 10Batting Slumps Evans, Billy; 1914 
 11Klem Had the Correct Dope Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by "Zim"; 1914 
 12Wahoo Sam Rice, Grantland; 1914 
 13The Diamond Jester Evans, Frank E.; 1914 
 14When Pitcher Meets Batter in a Duel of Wits Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 15The All-America Baseball Club Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 16  1915 
 17Baseball's "Big Six" Goewey, Ed A.; 1915 
 18The King of Sluggers Lane, F.C.; 1916 
 19Sam Crawford's Successor Ward, John J.; 1916 
 20 Ireland, E.T.; 1916 
 21  1916 
 22  1916 
 23  1916 
 24  1916 
 25  1916 
 26  1916 
 27A Good Word for Sam Crawford Navin, Frank; 1916 
 28What I Think about Baseball Crawford, Sam; 1916 
 29Sam Crawford Hoefer, W.R.; 1916 
 30The Aristocracy of Baseball Stardom Ward, John J.; 1916 
 31  1916 
 32Baseball Losing Famous Cleanup Combinations Goewey, Ed A.; 1917 
 33Mrs. Major-League-Ball-Player Evans, William; 1917 
 34The Tremendous Speed of a Star Batter's Swing Lane, F.C.; 1917 
 35My Three Thousandth Hit Crawford, Sam; 1917 
 36How a Ball Player Grips His Bat Lane, F.C.; 1917 
 37Hidden Tragedies of the Diamond Lane, F.C.; 1919 
 38Prominent Baseball Men and Their Opinions of Babe Ruth  1920 
 39The "Three Thousand Hitters" of Major League Baseball Lane, F.C.; 1923 
 40At Home with the Ball Players  1924 
 41At Home with the Ball Players  1924 
 42Notes From the College Diamonds: Baseball in California Crawford, Sam; 1926 
 43'Calling Them' with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1926 
 44The Greatest Players I Ever Saw Johnson, Walter; 1929 
 45Bats and Batters Burr, Harold C.; 1932 
 46Baseball Twilights Winerip, Harold; 1937 
 47Big Oaks From Little Acorns Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1938 
 48Big Oaks From Little Acorns Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1938 
 49  1938 
 50Samuel E. (Wahoo Sam) Crawford Grayson, Harry; 1944 
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