October 20, 2014
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 1Scouting Reports On 1960 Major League Rookies - Baltimore Orioles Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 2Big Hunk Of Man At Short Ellis, Jim; 1960 
 3Bouquet For Buddy Brooks  1960 
 4Happy Hansen Homers, Then Gets Pep Talk By Triandos  1960 
 5Hit-and-Run Play By Nellie Toughest For Ron To Handle  1960 
 6'Hansen Like Long-Playing Symphony' in Paul's Book  1960 
 7Howard, Hansen Top Eye-Popping Kids: Estrada No. 1 Among Frosh Hill Phenoms King, Joe; 1960 
 8Richards Squelched Orioles' Attempt To Rig All-Star Vote  1960 
 9Vote-Splitting Should Be Investigated  1960 
 10Chuck Estrada Brown, Doug; 1960 
 11Howitzer Hansen's Hefty Shots Power Orioles' Flag Drive Brown, Doug; 1960 
 12Hansen Raps Six Hits in Row Against Monboquette Serves  1960 
 13Pips and Pearls Picked Up Along Big-Time Beat Walfoort, Cleon; 1960 
 14Rookie On a Romp Castan, Sam; Photographs by Douglas Jones; 1960 
 15Orioles Reply To Charge of 'Rigging' All-Star Vote  1960 
 16Hansen To Enter Army in Fall  1960 
 17New Faces of 1960  1960 
 18Three Orioles, Two Phillies On Topps' All-Rookie Team  1960 
 19Seven Belters Hit HRs in All Enemy Parks Tattersall, John C.; 1960 
 20Oh, Those High-Flying Orioles!: 'Team of Future' Kayoes Timetable - Goes For Pennant; Kids Refuse To Crack Up in Flag Race Steadman, John; 1960 
 21Kid Infielders' Big Bats Kept Birds Flying High Brown, Doug; 1960 
 22Barber's Close-Shave Hurling Leaves Oriole Foes in Lather Brown, Doug; 1960 
 23Young Orioles  1960 
 24Ron Hansen Brown, Doug; 1960 
 25Baby Birds On Wing, Dart For High Limb: Richards' Team of Future Arrives Early - Quartet of Slab Starters Only 21 Years Old Steadman, John; 1960 
 26Vet of Three Inaugurals  1960 
 27Cripple To All-Star - Hansen 3-Year Saga: Delicate Operation Saved Youth For Baltimore Stardom; Ruptured Disc Threatened To Sideline Ron Steadman, John; 1960 
 28Adair Called Turn On Ron as Winter Pilot in '56-57  1960 
 29Rating the Rookies  1960 
 30Rating the Rookies  1960 
 31Mailman's Pouch Bulging With Fat Pacts for Orioles Brown, Doug; 1961 
 32Ron Hansen and Brooks Robinson: The Left-Wingers Kaplan, Dick; 1961 
 33Orioles Rap 3 HRs in Row  1961 
 34Baltimore Orioles Official 1961 Year Book Dunn, Jack; and Jerald Sachs; 1961 
 35To the Colors  1961 
 36Orioles Soar On Robinson, Gentile Raps Brown, Doug; 1961 
 37  1961 
 38Legion Experience Helped Young Orioles Flap Wings Brown, Doug; 1961 
 39  1961 
 40Six Oriole Whizzers Load Guns in All-Out Assault On Soph Jinx Brown, Doug; 1961 
 41The Orioles Will Win the Pennant Richards, Paul as told to Arthur & Milton Richman; 1961 
 42Baltimore Orioles Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 43Paul Richards and the Baby Orioles Stephens, Glen; 1961 
 44Baltimore Orioles Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 45Paul Richards and the Baby Orioles Stephens, Glen; 1961 
 46Orioles' Hansen Shoots Holes in Soph Jinx Yarn: Ends Army Hitch, Predicts Big Year Brown, Doug; 1961 
 47`Tribe Loaded, If Perry, Bell Come Through'--Hamey King, Joe; 1961 
 481960 All-Star Rookie Team Dominated by Five Orioles n; 1961 
 49Field Master and Ron Hansen: Glove of the Year...Rookie of the Year n; 1961 
 50Bosox Hurlers Soft Touch for Oriole Belters Brown, Doug; 1961 
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