August 29, 2015
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 1Nursery For the Bigs  1958 
 2Young Men at Work, Maybe Terrell, Roy; 1959 
 3Million Dollar Rookie Gelman, Steve; 1959 
 4Los Angeles Dodgers  1959 
 5The Power of Positive Sinking Reichler, Joe; 1959 
 6Los Angeles Dodgers  1959 
 7The Power of Positive Sinking Reichler, Joe; 1959 
 8  1960 
 9  1960 
 10  1960 
 11Shoulder Separation Puts Spokane's Fairly On Shelf  1960 
 12Speedy Davis Leads Injuns To Coast Flag Johnson, Bob; 1960 
 13Dodgers Wheel Out Flashy Youngsters, Size Up Coast Pair Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 14Alston Smacks Lips After First Taste of Dodger '61 Prospects Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 15Occidental Due To Operate On 3-Team Basis Dickson, Olaf E.; 1960 
 16Dodgers Nixed $1,800,000 Offer For Six Prize Kids  1960 
 17Walt Wows 'Em as Juggler in Dodgers' High-Wire Act Hafner, Dan; 1961 
 18Dodgers, With Big Pinch-Hit Punch, Compile .302 Record  1961 
 19Dodgers Shift Into High Gear - Spare Parts Add Zip To Motor Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 20To the Colors  1961 
 21Ron Fairly: From College Star to Major Leaguer  1961 
 22Dodgers Peg Gil as Fill-In Man at Three Positions Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 23Credentials as Minors' No. 1 Player May Not Be Enough for Willie Davis King, Joe; 1961 
 24Dodgers Hit Pay Dirt--Nine Nifty Nuggets: Senior Circuit Dynasty Shaping Up; Davis Boys, Howard Pan Out as Stars Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 25L.A.'s Swift Set Sprints To the Top Leggett, William; 1962 
 26Smokey Fingers Tommy D. For Steady Duty At Hot Sack Hunter, Bob; 1962 
 27Net Results in Hitting Herbold, John O.; 1963 
 28The Dodgers' Dirtiest Uniform Libby, Bill; 1963 
 29Dodgers in a Dogfight: Speed and a Strong Leader Leggett, William; 1963 
 30It Pays to Steal Wills, Maury as told to Steve Gardner; 1963 
 31Dodgers Boast Top Players Who Can Handle Two Jobs  1963 
 32Drysdale Climbs to Dodger Salry Peak--$46,000 Hunter, Bob; 1963 
 33Howard and Fairly Add Big Bracer to Puny Dodger Attack Hunter, Bob; 1963 
 34Dodgers Get Sharp Sight With Howard Hunter, Bob; 1963 
 35Boggess Theory on Wills' Thefts Ripped by Alston Hunter, Bob; 1963 
 36Dusty Blistered Fairly's Ears With Quick Retort to Squawk  1963 
 37The Dodgers Down the Stretch Libby, Bill; 1964 
 38"Fairly - He Has To Explode" Vecsey, George; 1965 
 39In a Separate League Murray, Jim; 1965 
 40The 23 Greatest Plays of the 1965 Season Simons, Herbert; 1965 
 41The Dodger-Giant Feud Jupiter, Harry; 1965 
 42Thumbnailing a So-So Series Burnes, Robert L.; 1965 
 43Two Outs, Two Strikes and a Steal of Home! Dolson, Frank; 1965 
 44Brass Brain-Washing Dodgers: Forget HRs in Huge Park Hunter, Bob; 1965 
 45Painful Search For a Pennant Olsen, Jack; 1966 
 46The Dodgers Scent a Pennant Mann, Jack; 1966 
 47The Super-Holdouts n; 1966 
 48From Off the Chest Thompson, Fresco; with Cy Rice; 1966 
 49 Roth, Allan; 1967 
 50Owners Worried Over Union Threat at Doorstep Young, Dick; 1967 
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