September 1, 2015
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 1Dallas Defeats Seattle, Grabs AABC Tourney Hackim, Lincoln; 1966 
 2Three Bat Kings Tops for Topps as August Stars  1968 
 3PCL Players Top Topps' AAA Stars  1971 
 4Cey Hey! Ron Dominant Figure in Arizona Loop Prell, Ed; 1971 
 5Spokes' Ron Cey Packs Firepower in Fireplug Frame Stewart, Chuck; 1971 
 6Indians Display Muscle in Series With Phoenix  1971 
 7Dodger Kids Reign as Cactus Champs Prell, Ed; 1971 
 8Rice, Rodriguez, Hutton PCL Picks  1971 
 9Cub Kid Outfield: Wrigley Regulars For Near Future? Prell, Ed; 1971 
 10Dodgers Groom Bumper Crop of Kids in Arizona Prell, Ed; 1971 
 11'Tired' Cey Establishes Two Spokane Records Stewart, Chuck; 1971 
 12PCL Names To Remember: Hooton, Anderson, Hutton Borsch, Fred; 1971 
 13Hutton, Cey and Garrett PCL Offensive Leaders  1971 
 14How the Dodgers Struck It Rich in the 1968 Player Draft Claire, Fred; 1972 
 15Dodgers' Kids Sharp, But Are They Ready? Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 16Cey Averaging an RBI Per Game Frau, Miguel; 1972 
 17Dodgers Turn Hot Sack Sights to Slugger Cey Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 18Busy Night for Ron Cey, 2 Homers, Triple, 5 RBIs n; 1972 
 19Dukes' Hough Relieves Twice in Single Inning n; 1972 
 20Paciorek Sets RBI Mark as Dukes Unfurl Pennant n; 1972 
 21Albuquerque Roster Dotted With Big League Prospects Eger, Bob; 1972 
 22Classic Champs Place Six on All-Star Squad Borsch, Fred; 1972 
 23Time's Up--Dodger Brass Must Act Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 24McMullen Elated Over Return to L.A. Hunter, Bob; 1972 
 25Baseball Digest's 1973 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1973 
 26L.A. Dodgers: Baseball's New Whiz Kids Claire, Fred; 1973 
 27Smokey Still in Haze Over Two Dodger Spots Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 28Garvey Gifted Double-Duty Dodger Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 29Messersmith Helping Give Dodgers Altitude Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 30Player of the Week Laurels to Dodgers' Rookie Cey n; 1973 
 31Dodger Boo Birds Tied Into Knots by `Ropes' Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 32Smokey's Swingers Big West Coast Hit Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 33Strong Down Middle--New Dodger Trademark Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 34McMullen King of Dodger Super Subs Newhan, Ross; 1973 
 35Alston Cool on Platooning, He'll Seek Set Dodger Lineup Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 36Sweep for McGlothen in P.R. All-Star Poll n; 1973 
 37Ponce in Title Series Frau, Miguel; 1973 
 38Dodgers to Enter Five in N.L. Rookie Sweepstakes Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 39Pizarro Proves Mr. Juanderful in P.R. Playoffs Frau, Miguel; 1973 
 40Dodger Kids Sparkle in Latin Loops Hunter, Bob; 1973 
 41Triple-Headed Monster Tripped Up Dodgers Rapoport, Ron; 1973 
 42Matthews of Giants Cited by Writers as Top Rookie Lang, Jack; 1973 
 43Who's On Third? Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 44A Great Job by the Youngsters Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 45Rick Thinks Cubs Need Two Reuschels Dozer, Richard; 1974 
 46Garvey Being Touted for All-Star Job Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 47Cey Ends Parade of Dodger Third-Sackers Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 48Switcher Kids Give Dodgers an Infield That Could Be No. 1 Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 49L.A. Popguns? No More! They're Big Blasters Now Newhan, Ross; 1974 
 50Cey Says It All Writing Dodger RBI History Newhan, Ross; 1974 
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