August 28, 2015
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 1Orioles Chirp-Chirp Over Fledgling Flyhawk Baylor Brown, Doug; 1968 
 2Eight Red Wings Invited to Train With Orioles  1968 
 3Rookie Simmons Sweeps Awards in Calif. League  1968 
 4Freed of Fear, Rog Becomes a Real Ripper Kranz, Dick; 1968 
 5Orioles Tweet-Tweet Over Young Wings in Florida Brown, Doug; 1969 
 6All's Well Between Freed, Management  1970 
 7Orioles' Phenom Baylor No. 1 Player in Minors Weber, Al C.; 1970 
 8Red Wings' Freed and Baylor Soaring Toward Oriole Roost Weber, Al C.; 1970 
 9May and Blomberg Among Int's Twelve Best Prospects Coons, Ron; 1970 
 10Old Man Minnie? He's Hitting Like Kid Brown, Doug; 1970 
 11 Roth, Allan; 1971 
 12Hurlers Already Fear Phillies' Freed Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 13Freed's First Home Run For Phillies Is Grand Slam  1971 
 14Newcomer Freed Already Tabbed Phil Regular Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 15Orioles Beat Deadline To Obtain Grant Jackson Jackman, Phil; 1971 
 16Phils Count On Freed For Firepower Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 17Phils Seek Pitcher After Nabbing Picket Freed Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 18Phils' Freed Ends Swatting Snooze Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 19Freed at Last Hirshberg, Al; 1971 
 20The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1971 
 21Freed Corrects Flaw, Finishes With Hit Flurry Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 22Philadelphia Phillies -- The New Stadium Didn't Help Pepe, Phil; 1972 
 23Philadelphia Phillies: The New Stadium Didn't Help Pepe, Phil; 1972 
 24Phils' New Defensive Trick Traps Unwary Tiger Kelly, Ray; 1972 
 25Caguas, Santurce, San Juan Debut With P.R. Wins Frau, Miguel; 1972 
 26Four Incoming Indians Get Praise From Outgoing Paul Schneider, Russell; 1973 
 27Expos Must Do Selling Job on Life in Montreal MacDonald, Ian; 1976 
 28Freed Receives Second Topps-Spink Citation n; 1976 
 29Hurler Carroll Tops 7 Picks in Major Draft Isle, Stan; 1976 
 30Rapp Rated No. 1 Among '76 Pilots Haraway, Frank; 1976 
 31Bears Cap Best Triple-A Season With Association Playoff Triumph Haraway, Frank; 1976 
 32Denver and Okla. City Dominate Stellar Team n; 1976 
 33Power Hitters Lead All-Stars n; 1976 
 34Rapp Reaps HR Rewards From Hot-Hitting Freed n; 1976 
 35Templeton, Dawson and Kemp Top A.A. Talent Swanson, Pete; 1976 
 36Rader, Freed Key Subs in Cards' Spurt Russo, Neal; 1977 
 37'I Won't Change,' Stern Rapp Warns Cards Kaegel, Dick; 1977 
 38Cards Go To Work in Winter League Russo, Neal; 1977 
 39Hernandez, Freed Pace Card Stickmen Russo, Neal; 1977 
 40Redbirds Chirp Gleefully Over Blue-Chip Freed Russo, Neal; 1977 
 41Cards End Agony at 11 in Row Russo, Neal; 1978 
 42Pitchman Freed a Cards' Prize Kaegel, Dick; 1978 
 43Cards Raise Cup To Jolly Roger Hummel, Rick; 1979 
 44Here Are Some Performances That Should be Rewarded! Klein, Moss; 1980 
 45Long-in-the-Tooth Beavers  1981 
 46What Would Baseball Be Without a Little Humor? Liebman, Glenn; 1989 
 47Hollywood Legends Name Roger Freed Player-Manager  1992 
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