August 27, 2015
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 1Frank Chance's Diamond Yardley, Jonathan;  
 2  1912 
 3The Cost of Baseball Lardner, Ring W.; 1912 
 4My Roomy Lardner, Ring; 1912 
 5  1913 
 6A Busher's Letters Home Lardner, Ring; 1914 
 7The Home Coming Lardner, Ring; E.G. Heeman; 1914 
 8Some Team; the Has-Been Picks An All-American Team Lardner, Ring W.; 1915 
 9Harmony - the Rollicking Tale of Four Song Birds Lardner, Ring W.; Illustrated by Arthur William Brown; 1915 
 10"Braves" Is Right; the First of a New Baseball Series Lardner, Ring W.; 1915 
 11Tyrus: the Greatest of 'Em All Lardner, Ring; 1915 
 12Tyrus: the Greatest of 'Em All Lardner, Ring W.; 1915 
 13Alibi Ike Lardner, Ring; 1915 
 14Obituary Lardner, Ring; 1916 
 15You Know Me Al Lardner, Ring; 1916 
 16You Know Me Al Lardner, Ring W.; 1916 
 17And Don't Forget: The Times Is The Paper Of Record  1916 
 18A Busher's Letters Home Lardner, Ring; 1916 
 19  1916 
 20Clippings & Cartoons  1916 
 21"You Know Me Al"  1916 
 22The Creator of "You Know Me Al"  1917 
 23  1917 
 24Treat 'Em Rough Lardner, Ring; 1918 
 25The Real Dope Lardner, Ring; 1919 
 26A World's Serious Lardner, Ring; 1923 
 27Ring Lardner's Happy Solution of a Baseball Problem Rice, Grantland; 1925 
 28Women; a Short Story of the Baseball and the Eternal Feminine Lardner, Ring; Illustrated by F.D.S.; 1925 
 29A Busher's Letters Home Lardner, Ring; 1925 
 30Horseshoes Lardner, Ring; 1925 
 31You Know Him, Pal Lardner, Ring; 1927 
 32Ring Lardner Wheeler, John; 1928 
 33Ring Lardner Wheeler, John N.; Illustrated by James Montgomery Flagg; 1928 
 34Why We Have Left Hands, Or the Sport of Kings Lardner, Ring; Illustrated by Gluyas Williams; 1929 
 35Pluck and Luck Lardner, Ring; 1929 
 36Pluck and Luck Or the Rise of a Home Run King Lardner, Ring; Illustrated by William Auerbach-Levy; 1929 
 37"The Keeper of the Bees" Or Grant On Diamond and Gridiron Lardner, Ring; Illustrated by William Auerbach-Levy; 1929 
 38Cubs Win World Series Lardner, Ring; Illustrated by Haenigsen; 1929 
 39Meet Mr. Howley Lardner, Ring W.; 1931 
 40Me, Boy Scout Lardner, Ring W.; 1931 
 41Alias James Clarkson Lardner, Ring; 1932 
 42One Hit, One Error, One Left Lardner, Ring; 1932 
 43Meet Me in St. Louie Lardner, Ring; 1932 
 44Lose With a Smile Lardner, Ring; 1932 
 45Away Up in the Millions Gould, James M.; 1932 
 46Lose With a Smile Lardner, Ring; 1933 
 47Lose With a Smile Lardner, Ring W.; 1933 
 48  1933 
 49Was Ring Lardner a Humorist? a Thumb-to-Nose For the Highbrow Tendency To Praise Lardner, Like Chaplin, For His Secondary Traits Seldes, George; 1934 
 50The Life of Reilly; the Era of Wonderful Nonsense Brought To Life of Golden Ease To the Sportsreporting Gentry Pegler, Westbrook; 1934 
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