October 25, 2014
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 1Dave May Wins Topps Monthly Prize 3rd Time n; 1967 
 2Hebner, Robertson Excite Bucs' Hopes For Power Pickup Biederman, Les; 1968 
 3Buccos Used the Broom, Now Kids Can Kick Up Some Dust Biederman, Les; 1968 
 4Two All-Stars Miss Game  1968 
 5Hebner's Hot at Home  1969 
 6Bucs' Hebner a Headache for Hurlers Feeney, Charley; 1969 
 7A Jam-Up of Talent at Third Leggett, William; 1969 
 8Richie Hebner's Grave New World McHugh, Roy; 1969 
 9Buccos in Jam at First Base Feeney, Charley; 1969 
 10Bucs' Prime Prospects Review Lessons of `69 Feeney, Charley; 1969 
 11Expos Sweet on Coco as `Rookie of Year' Blackman, Ted; 1969 
 12Pittsburgh Pirates Allen, Maury; 1969 
 13Optimist Brown Glows Over Buc Crop of Kiddies Biederman, Les; 1969 
 14Bucs Reassure Fans: Hebner Will Stay Feeney, Charley; 1969 
 15Brown, Shepard Gushing Over Buccos' Rookies Feeney, Charley; 1969 
 16Grave-Digger Hebner Seeks Job At Hot Sack  1969 
 17Gravedigger Hebner Comes Alive As Bucco Hot-Corner Guardian Feeney, Charley; 1969 
 18No Disgruntlements Around Here Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1970 
 19Danny to Turn Juggler With 1971 Bucs Feeney, Charley; 1970 
 20Conditions and Comments Rubin, Bob; 1970 
 21Pirats Execute Majors' First Triple Play of '70  1970 
 22Hebner Is the Chatty Type, and Bucco Fans Love Him Feeney, Charley; 1970 
 23Happy Clemente Adds Zing To Bucs Feeney, Charley; 1970 
 24The Mad Hatter's Guests n; 1970 
 25Hebner Doesn't Want to Think About the Sophomore Jinx Hochman, Stan; 1970 
 26Pirates Singing Sweet Spring Song Feeney, Charley; 1971 
 27On the Lam With the Three Rivers Gang Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1971 
 28Hebner Threatens Mark, Fans Eight Times in Row  1971 
 29Pirates Go 'Round Horn To Complete Triple Play  1971 
 30Bucs Touting Manny as a Mighty Fine Catcher Feeney, Charley; 1971 
 31Buc Brass Inviting Hebner To Unleash Homer Wallop Feeney, Charley; 1971 
 321968 FIL Grads Dotted Pirates' Series Lineup Ellison, Jack; 1971 
 33Medics Checking Hebner For Pains in His Chest  1971 
 34Pirates' Hold On Lead Shaky as Injuries Mount  1971 
 35Tips on How to Play Winning Baseball by the 1971 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates  1971 
 36Military Duty Shooting Holes in Jorgensen's Big Expo Bat MacDonald, Ian; 1972 
 37Champion Buccos List Six Free-Agent Draft Products Feeney, Charley; 1972 
 38Muscular Hebner Likely to Get No. 5 Niche in'73 Buc Order Feeney, Charley; 1972 
 39Heroes of the Hot Corner Libby, Bill; 1972 
 40Virdon Words to Hebner: Tighten Defense Feeney, Charley; 1972 
 41Four Bucs Posted Batting Streaks of Over 14 Games Feeney, Charley; 1972 
 42Hebner Doesn't Try for HRs, But He's Buccos' No. 2 Man Feeney, Charley; 1972 
 43Hebner Family Crisis? Umpire Might Eject Brother Ciampa, Fred; 1972 
 44Willie Stargell: Baseball Slugger Libby, Bill; 1973 
 45Oliver and Hebner Could Lift Big Load Off Stargell's Back Feeney, Charley; 1973 
 46Two Garden Gaps, Keystone Hole to Test Virdon Genius Feeney, Charley; 1973 
 47Danny Boy Again Man on the Spot for Buccos Feeney, Charley; 1973 
 48Brown Denies Players Balked in Hebner Case Feeney, Charley; 1973 
 49Bucs in Shopping Mood, Eye Shortstop, Pitching Feeney, Charley; 1973 
 50Ruth, Aaron Autographs on Joe Dugan's Baseball n; 1974 
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