May 28, 2015
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 1Atkinson, Gossage - Top Jewels in Chisox Hill Colony Holtzman, Jerome; 1971 
 2.300 Hitters Dominate Rookie, Class-A Stars  1971 
 3Price Tages Much Too Hig, Chisox Spurn `Flag Deals' Munzel, Edgar; 1972 
 4Gossage Honor Grad of Sain's Cram Course Munzel, Edgar; 1972 
 5Gossage, Only 19, Fires Bullets on Chisox Mound Holtzman, Jerome; 1972 
 6Qualls to Bid for Chisox Berth Holtzman, Jerome; 1972 
 7Starter or Reliever, Forster Figures to Be a Chisox Ace Munzel, Edgar; 1973 
 8Tutor Sain--Chisox' Most Valuable Hill Asset Munzel, Edgar; 1973 
 9White Sox May Give Up Pitcher in Quest for Catcher Holtzman, Jerome; 1973 
 10White Sox Speed Up Search for Help on Hill Holtzman, Jerome; 1974 
 11Pale Hose Looking to Gossage to Step Into Stone's Shoes Holtzman, Jerome; 1974 
 12Win Streak Puts Zing in Chisox Title Drive Holtzman, Jerome; 1974 
 13Gossage Gains Lift Before Chisox Cut Nelson Adrift Dozer, Richard; 1975 
 14Richards' Big Gambles Pay Off for Chisox Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 15Pirates Grow Hoggish in the Bullpen Feeney, Charley; 1976 
 16White Sox Miss on Burroughs but Land Zisk Dozer, Richard; 1976 
 17Old Smoothie Richards Wins Young Sox Hearts Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 18White Sox Step Out When Hurlers Shape Up Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 19Gossage Feeling Electricity of Chisox Switch to Youth Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 20Dent, Downing Only Chisox Certain of Regular Berths Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 21Dollars and Sense n; 1977 
 22The Goose Hangs High as Yank Bullpen Insurance Pepe, Phil; 1977 
 23Chisox Sowed Zisk Trade Seeds in September Dozer, Richard; 1977 
 24New Relievers Promise Shot in Arm To Pirates Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 25Goose Hangs High For Cloud-Hopping Pirates Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 26Tanner Quick To Call Upon Bucs' Super Rescue Crew Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 27Yanks Look To "Goose" For Another Golden Egg Pepe, Phil; 1977 
 28Sparky & the Goose Stein, Harry; 1978 
 29Voices of Spring Angell, Roger; 1978 
 30The Spark Is Missing Papanek, John; 1978 
 31Togetherness in Fort Lauderdale  1978 
 32City Lights: Heartthrobs, Prodigies, Winners, Lost Children Angell, Roger; 1978 
 33Two Paths to Glory  1978 
 34Home Free at Last: Rapped, Not Wrapped Up Keith, Larry; 1978 
 35A Day of Light and Shadows Schwartz, Jonathan; 1979 
 36A Day of Light and Shadows Schwartz, Jonathan; 1979 
 37The Bronx Zoo Lyle, Sparky; Peter Golenbock; 1979 
 38Reggie to the Rescue Shah, Diane K.; 1980 
 39These New Damn Yankees Are a Hit Fimrite, Ron; 1980 
 40The Week (September 7-13) Andria, Kathleen; 1980 
 41A Crown For The Royals Wulf, Steve; 1980 
 42The Goose Rosen, Michael; 1981 
 43Coast to Coast `Classic' Axthelm, Pete; 1981 
 44Flamethrowers: Carlton, Gossage Gutman, Bill; 1982 
 45Who Would You Take For Fast Relief? Markus, Don; 1982 
 46The New Way to Spell Relief Kaplan, Jim; 1982 
 47Weiskopf, Herman; 1983 
 48n; 1983 
 49George BRETT, Kansas City James, Bill; 1983 
 50Brett Homer Nullified, So Yankees Win Chass, Murray; 1983 
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