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 1 Dunwell, James W.; 1914 
 2The Miracle Man's Own Story Stallings, George T.; 1914 
 3Sidelights on the New World's Champions Phelon, William A.; 1915 
 4 Shers, Steve; 1916 
 5  1916 
 6"Red" Smith of the Braves Hoefer, W.R.; 1917 
 7 Arnold, Howard L.; 1917 
 8Hamilton Braves His Minors  1921 
 9Dead Arms and the Lively Ball; a Revealing Diagnosis of Disaster On the Diamond. Will '39 Bring It Again? Smith, Red; 1939 
 10Winning By Striking Out Smith, Red; 1941 
 11Let's Have a Gent's Day Smith, Red; 1943 
 12Doghouse To Let: Apply Newhouser & Trout Smith, Red; 1945 
 13Making Faces at Each Other: Like a Coupla Kids; Racing and Baseball Smith, Red; 1945 
 14It's Like Christmas Morning Smith, Red; 1946 
 15Alone in the Dark Smith, Red; 1946 
 16A Man Who Knew the Crowds Smith, Red; 1946 
 17The Big Train, Westbound Smith, Red; 1946 
 18The Big Train and His Buddies Smith, Red; 1946 
 19Boy With a Man's Muscles Smith, Red; 1946 
 20Spit Is a Horrid Word Smith, Red; 1946 
 21Transfusion of Indian Blood Smith, Red; 1946 
 22The Peacemonger Smith, Red; 1946 
 23Club MacPhail Smith, Red; 1946 
 24Tony Lazzeri: Player of the Years Smith, Red; 1946 
 25The Rack, the Wheel, the Hub Smith, Red; 1946 
 26Has Baseball Forgotten the Fan? Smith, Red; 1947 
 27Joe DiMaggio Smith, Red; 1947 
 28Next To Godliness Smith, Red; 1947 
 29Played On a Tin Whistle Smith, Red; 1947 
 30Pitching Takes Brains Smith, Red; 1947 
 31Jimmy and Bobby Wilson Smith, Red; 1947 
 32Jimmy and Bobby Wilson Smith, Red; 1947 
 33What Broke Up the Yankees? Smith, Red; 1947 
 34He Had To Go Back Smith, Red; 1947 
 35Next To Godliness Smith, Red; 1947 
 36Has Baseball Forgotten the Fan? Smith, Red; 1947 
 37The Babe Smith, Red; 1948 
 38The Babe Smith, Red; 1948 
 39News Aboard Ship Smith, Red; 1948 
 40Jim Crow's Playmates Smith, Red; 1948 
 41They Let George Do It Smith, Red; 1948 
 42Herbert J. Pennock Smith, Red; 1948 
 43Young Old Master Smith, Red; 1948 
 44Sometimes It Was Discouraging Smith, Red; 1948 
 45A Guy Who Made Mistakes Smith, Red; 1948 
 46Sam Breadon Smith, Red; 1949 
 47One Vote For Will Harridge Smith, Red; 1949 
 48A Kid From Penetanguishene Smith, Red; 1950 
 49Hazen Shirley Cuyler Smith, Red; 1950 
 50 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
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