October 20, 2014
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 1Barber Knows His Weather Inside Out   
 2Cincy Broadcast Arrangements  1934 
 3Harry Hartman Winner of Sporting News Award  1936 
 4World Series Covered as Sustaining Program  1937 
 5129 Are Signed in World Series List, Says MBS  1939 
 6Baseball Telecast Gives Fence Signs a Break, NBC Discovers  1939 
 7Staff For World Series Is Complete; Controversy On Rights Still Simmers  1939 
 8Baseball Pickups Start in New York  1939 
 9Summer Baseball Schedules Being Completed By Sponsors  1939 
 10Red Barber Accepts Job On General Mills Staff  1939 
 11'Red' Barber Wins Award  1939 
 12Take Your Tips From Ethan Allen  1940 
 13Hey You! Turn It Down!: Portable Sets of Baseball Fans Bring Worries To the Broadcasting Boys  1940 
 14Pres-Season Baseball To Be Sponsored; Gen. Mills, Goodrich Make Coast Plans  1940 
 15Barber To Handle Brooklyn Baseball  1940 
 16Barber Gets Trophy  1941 
 17Mrs. Barber Honored  1941 
 18The Gentle Art of Giving Baseball the Air Dempsey, Jack; 1941 
 19Big League Games Shifted To WPEN  1941 
 20WHN To Carry Dodger Games Complete Both Home and Away For 1942 Season  1941 
 21Night Ball Games Bought On WNEW  1941 
 22The Dodgers 1941: Today and Yesterday in Brooklyn Baseball Hoard, Clinton H., ed.; Charles Dexter; 1941 
 23The Barber of Brooklyn Hubler, Richard G.; 1942 
 24Scroll For Barber  1942 
 25Hiya, Dodgers! Parker, Charles E.; 1942 
 26How To Watch a Ball Game Barber, Red; 1942 
 27N.Y. Baseball Plans  1942 
 28Lever Buys Next To Dodger Games  1942 
 29Red Barber Wins Baseball Trophy: Paul Douglas Also Honored in 'Sporting News' Awards  1942 
 30  1942 
 31  1942 
 32Brooklyn First Again  1942 
 33Polo Grounds Humphries, Rolfe; 1942 
 34MBS, BBC Ready For World Series  1943 
 35Old Gold To Air Senators' Games  1943 
 36Gillette Renews For World Series  1943 
 37Brooklyn Games  1944 
 38N.Y. Baseball Plans  1944 
 39Report on Brooklyn McGowen, Roscoe; 1944 
 40Boys Ball Game  1945 
 41  1945 
 42  1945 
 43Red Barber Named CBS Sports Chief  1946 
 44How To Win a Pennant - By Two Who Did Barber, Red; 1947 
 45The Wayward Eye Lardner, John; 1947 
 46Baseball: Play By Play  1947 
 47ABC Midwest Net Slates World Series Telecasts  1948 
 48Out For Season  1948 
 49Barber Back Soon  1948 
 50CBS' Barber Ill; 3-Man Team to Cover Olympics  1948 
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