September 4, 2015
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 1Percentage Still Rules   
 2 Barton, George A.; 1930 
 3Wrigley's California Property  1932 
 4Good For Gum, Good For Baseball: PK Advertises Cubs  1935 
 5Baseball Advertises; Phil Wrigley Invokes For Cubs Same Force That Made Spearmint Famous  1935 
 6  1935 
 7Big League Baseball Golinkin, Joseph W.; 1937 
 8  1937 
 9Fans or Just Business Men ? Gould, James M.; 1937 
 10Gabby Hartnett Arrives: Veteran Catcher Replaces Grimm as Manager of Cubs  1938 
 11Sponsors Arrange For Baseball Time: Kellogg, General Mills and Socony Signing Schedules  1938 
 12Baseball's Millionaires Drebinger, John; 1939 
 13Oldtimer Up  1940 
 14Comeback of Peckinpaugh and Shake-up in Cubs Warm the Fans of Baseball's Hot Stove League  1940 
 15Landis Host at Luncheon  1941 
 16Ladies of the Little Diamond  1943 
 17Wrigley's New Post  1944 
 18L.A. Angels Telecasts to Have Commercials  1948 
 19Playground TV: WBKB, Cubs to Provide Sets For Youngsters  1948 
 20Hex Marks the Sport; the Muscle Men With the Perfect Timing Still Rely On Mumbo-Jumbo Fischer, Leo; 1951 
 21Six Months of Ball Coming Up, Grounds Keeping Takes Twelve  1952 
 22World's Prettiest Ballplayers; the American Girls Baseball League Is the Midwest's Darling, More Proof That Women Can Alway Play a Man's Game Biemiller, Carl L.; Photos by Arthur Shay; 1952 
 23Wrigley Hits 'Monkey Business' in Gene Baker Shift  1953 
 24Wrigley Awaits Season's End Before Deciding On New Pilot Canty, Tim; 1953 
 25Wrigley Wants Flag Before Selling Out  1953 
 26Wrigley Clings to Stand Against Night Baseball  1953 
 27Invite East's Top Minor Clubs to Coast as Majors: Wrigley  1953 
 28Wrigley Has Key to Majors Coast Move Corum, Bill; 1953 
 29Majors Increase Tempo in Race to West Coast Barrington, John; 1953 
 30Cubs' Owner Defends TV  1953 
 31Big League Westward?  1954 
 32TV at the Ball Game  1955 
 33ITV Bids $5 Million for Dodgers, Giants TV n; 1957 
 34  1958 
 35Wrigley Labels Giles' Ruling Wishy-Washy Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
 36'Won't Collect All,' Says P.K.  1960 
 37The Hot Seat Smith, Red; 1960 
 38Lou Returns To Old Spieler Job and Cubs Shop For New Skipper Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
 39Cubs Should Keep Beef Out of Court  1960 
 40Wrigley Mum On '61 Lineup of Cub Chiefs Enright, James; 1960 
 41Five-Man Board Acts as Bruin Brain Trust: Himsl Serving as First Head Coach Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 42Weakened Vision Threat To Career of Slugger Banks Munzel, Edgar; 1961 
 43Cubs Halt Coaching Shuffle; Pick Tappe Holtzman, Jerry; 1961 
 44Powers Tip To P.K. - Get Eight Light Towers Powers, Jimmy; 1961 
 45Players Hail Himsl's Return To Cubs: Switch Back By Wrigley in Coach Board Enright, James; 1961 
 46Veeck Copied Elder Wrigley With Use of Park Floodlights  1961 
 47'They Never Call Me Until Things Go Wrong' - Wrigley  1961 
 48Wrigley Shies Clear of Limelight: Calls Shots as Business Tycoon, Lets Others Take Bows; Bruins' Boss Loyal To Pals, Hired Hands; Demands Top Quality in All His Products Furlong, Bill; 1961 
 49P.K. - 'Owner Always Wrong If He Butts in Or Doesn't'  1961 
 50'What Is a Manager?' Query Gave Birth To Coach System  1961 
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