September 4, 2015
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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1  1918 
 2What Prohibition Hasn't Done for Baseball Sanborn, Irving E.; 1920 
 3Evans Has Opinions as to Effect of Ban on Spitter  1921 
 4The New York Giants Who Overtook the Leading Pirates Early in September  1921 
 5When Big Phil Douglas Came through Ward, John J.; 1921 
 6The Vanishing Spit Ball Faber, Red, Comprising an interview with; 1922 
 7The Pennant Race Grows Hot Phelon, W. A.; 1922 
 8Balancing the Books for the Baseball Season of 1922 Sanborn, Irving E.; 1922 
 9The Easiest Way ? Hoefer, W. R.; 1922 
 10  1922 
 11Peacocks and Crows; Gone Are the Days When a Big League Ball-Player Was Rated By the Numer of Slot-Machines He Sold in Winter Cannon, Ralph; 1936 
 12 Hoefer, W.R.; 1938 
 13They Walked By Night Lardner, John; 1950 
 14Judge Landis: the Man Who Saved Baseball Fitzgerald, Ed; 1950 
 15Shufflin' Phil Still Shufflin' Bisher, Furman; 1950 
 16  1952 
 17The Snake Pit and the Letter Lardner, John; 1953 
 18That Was Baseball: the Crime of Shufflin' Phil Douglas Lardner, John; 1956 
 19The Little Napoleon Graham, Frank; 1959 
 20They Walked by Night Lardner, John; 1961 
 21How Green the Rookies Then! Demaree, Al; 1967 
 22One Last Round For the Shuffler Clark, Tom; 1979 
 23One Last Round For the Shuffler  1981 
 24Two Who Paid For Their Sins Suehsdorf, A.D.; 1987 
 25The Fix is In: A History of Baseball Gambling and Game Fixing Scandals Ginsburg, Daniel E.; 1995 
 26The Spitball and the End of the Deadball Era Steinberg, Steve L.; 2003 
 27Spitballers: The Last Legal Hurlers of the Wet One Faber, Charles F.; and Richard B. Faber; 2006 
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