August 31, 2015
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 1Browning's Lamps (fiction) Nemec, David;  
 2Stories of the Baseball Field Palmer, Harry; 1890 
 3Whims of Ball Players; Some of the Superstitions Which Prevail Among The Men  1890 
 4  1892 
 5  1892 
 6  1892 
 7  1892 
 8  1892 
 9  1892 
 10  1892 
 11  1896 
 12  1896 
 13  1896 
 14  1896 
 15  1896 
 16Some Odd Superstitions of the Ball Players Tarvin, A. H.; 1922 
 17Old-Time Ball Players and Their Salaries Tarvin, A. H.; 1924 
 18Old-Time Ball Players and Their Salaries Tarvin, A. H.; 1924 
 19Who Was the Greatest Batter of All Time? Colver, J. Newton; 1927 
 20Baseball's First Strike Tarvin, A.H.; 1939 
 21Seventy-Five Years on Louisville Diamonds Tarvin, A.H.; 1940 
 22Three-Time Bat Champs King, Lew; 1948 
 23Slugger From Louisville Biemiller, Carl L.; 1949 
 24100 Years of Baseball: the Intimate and Dramatic Story of Modern Baseball From the Game's Beginnings Up to the Present Day Allen, Lee; 1950 
 25Lewis Rogers Browning: The Louisville Slugger Smith, Robert; 1952 
 26Louisville Firm's Baseball Bats Enshrined in Game's Hall of Fame Lasker, Albert C.; 1952 
 27Louis Roger (Pete) Browning Smith, Ira L.; 1954 
 28Basehits Grow On Trees Schuessler, Raymond; 1955 
 29Basehits Grow On Trees Schuessler, Raymond; 1956 
 30Hall of Fame Feuding Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1977 
 31Lewis Rogers (Pete) Browning, The Original Louisville Slugger Smith, Robert; 1978 
 32Requiem For A Gladiator Von Borries, Philip; 1983 
 33Louisville Honors 'Slugger' Browning  1984 
 34Time For a Change Von Borries, Phillip; 1985 
 35Browning, Louis R. "Pete," "Old Pete," "The Gladiator" Smith, Duane A.; 1987 
 36Louis Rogers Browning (Pete, The Gladiator) Von Borries, Philip; 1989 
 37Centennial Champions Hershberger, Chuck And Von Borries, Philip; 1990 
 38Lost Stars: the Hall-of-Fame Blacklisting of American Association Stars Von Borries, Philip; 1992 
 39Romance of the Bat Curreri, Joe; 1992 
 40Baseball in the Afternoon: Tales From a By-Gone Era Smith, Robert; 1993 
 41The Beer and Whisky League: the Illustrated History of the American Association - Baseball's Renegade Major League Nemec, David, Mark Rucker, Picture Editor; 1994 
 42Field of Screams: the Dark Underside of America's National Pastime Scheinen, Richard; 1994 
 43Perspectives on Pete Browning Nemec, David; 1995 
 44Hope That Sings Grote, JoAnn A.; 1996 
 45Louisville Diamonds: the Lousville Major-League Reader 1876-1899 Von Borries, Philip; 1996 
 46Baseball Pioneers: Ratings of Nineteenth Century Players Faber, Charles F.; 1997 
 47Slow Tragedy: The Saga of Pete Browning Crews, Clyde F.; 1997 
 48Kentucky's All-Time All-Stars Mayer, Henry C.; 1997 
 49Lost Stars: The Hall of Fame Case for the American Association's Premier Stars Von Borries, Philip; 1997 
 50Early Dreams Nemec, David; 1998 
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