September 2, 2015
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 1Grover Cleveland Alexander's Shutout Games Won, Lost and Tied Tiemann, Robert L;  
 2  1913 
 3Alexander the Great Stack, C.P.; 1913 
 4A "Tin of Tux" Aswers Every Pipe-Smoke Desire  1915 
 5How the Great Series of 1915 Was Lost and Won Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 6Alexander the Great Ward, John J.; 1915 
 7The Shoes of Mathewson Rice, Grantland; Illustrated by F.G. Cooper; 1915 
 8The Red Sox and the Phillies and the Probable Winners: Alexander Vs An All-round Powerful Club Lane, F.C.; 1915 
 9Two Or a Kind Goewey, Ed A.; 1915 
 10Alexander Against the World Phelon, Wm. A.; 1915 
 11D & M Official League Ball  1916 
 12Alexander the Great Lane, F.C.; 1916 
 13Grover Cleveland Alexander Drinks Coca-Cola  1916 
 14Grover Cleveland Alexander Drinks Coca-Cola  1916 
 15  1916 
 16  1916 
 17  1916 
 18  1916 
 19How I Lost the World's Series Alexander, Grover Cleveland; 1916 
 20The Greatest Pitcher on the Diamond Today  1916 
 21What I Think About Alexander Moran, Pat; 1916 
 22Alexander as a Player and a Man Baker, William; 1916 
 23Grover Cleveland Alexander Hoefer, W.R.; 1916 
 24 Ryan, Terrence J.; 1916 
 25What I Would Do in the World Series Alexander, Grover Cleveland; 1916 
 26Clippings & Cartoons  1916 
 27Alexander Signs  1917 
 28Alexander in Army  1918 
 29Studies in Statistics Elias, Al Munro; 1918 
 30The Biggest Deal in Baseball History Weeghman, Charles; 1918 
 31  1918 
 32Why Good Pitchers Are Easy To Hit Hornsby, Rogers; 1919 
 33Chicago Cubs' Great Pitching Star Wins Last Game in Frane  1919 
 34Hidden Tragedies of the Diamond Lane, F.C.; 1919 
 35A Few Observations from the Pitching Mound Alexander, Grover Cleveland ( An Interview with ); 1920 
 36Do Baseball Pitchers Make the Best Trap Shots ? Mack, Edgar; 1920 
 37Editorial Comment  1920 
 38Famous Pitchers in the Minors Kofoed, J. C.; 1920 
 39Five Years of Major League Pitching Kofoed, J. C.; 1920 
 40"Pitching" and "Throwing": Anyone can Throw a Baseball, but Pitching Is an Art Bulger, Bozeman; 1920 
 41Alexander Still Premier of National League Pitchers  1921 
 42And He Uses No Tricks  1921 
 43San Diego Gets Share of Winter Baseball Puryear, Jess; 1921 
 44How I Became a Champion Base Stealer Carey, Max; 1921 
 45Major League Stars of 1920 Ward, John J.; 1921 
 46The Most Famous Battery in Baseball, Catcher William Killefer and Pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, of Cubs  1921 
 47How to Play Baseball by Experts of the National Game Menke, Frank G. collected by; 1921 
 48Alexander and the D & M  1922 
 49An All-Star Baseball Team of Trapshooters Banks, Ed; 1922 
 50Alexander Heard From  1922 
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