December 21, 2014
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 1Pilot Plaza's Campaign Against Balks Backfires n; 1967 
 2Hurlers Are Hottest Items in Majors' Draft Isle, Stan; 1968 
 3Angels Whiff On Allen Deal, Try Callison Wiebusch, John; 1968 
 4Shoppers 'n' Swappers Check Maloney Showcase Lawson, Earl; 1969 
 5Angels Get Sock in Alex Johnson Wiebusch, John; 1969 
 6Kuhn Fines Two For 'Inexcusable Conduct' in D.R.  1970 
 7Bevacqua Leads Dominican Hitters Comarazamy, Roosevelt; 1971 
 8Carty's Luck in Dominican Remains All Bad Comarazamy, Roosevelt; 1972 
 9Reds Forecast 150 Runs for Galloping Morgan Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 10Tolan Typifies Reds' All-Round Great Season Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 11Howsam Doubts He'll Pull Another Blockbuster Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 12Red Battler Rose Inching Toward .300 Goal Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 13Bench in Outfield in Plummer Platoon Shift Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 14Howsam Crowing Over Reds' Crack Hill Staff Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 15Racial Prejudice a Definite Stranger to Reds Hertzel, Bob; 1973 
 16Bullpen Aces Falter, Reds Win With Jack High Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 17Joe Hums Tune to Pete's 2,000-Hit Lyrics Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 18Confidence Makes Reds' Borbon a Winner Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 19Starter Borbon Stopper for Licey Comarazamy, R.; 1973 
 20Rabble at Shea Stadium Young, Dick; 1973 
 21Reds' Starting Stable Could Add Up to Seven Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 22Sparky Stresses Reds' Many `Good Things' Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 23Red Hawk Soaring on Release From Bullpen Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 24Crime and Punishment  1973 
 25Reds Will Drink to Borbon as Top Reliever Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 26Geronimo! Cesar Recovers, Adds Fire to Reds Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 27Reds Plan Borbon Buildup for Andujar Lawson, Earl; 1975 
 28Brewers Hitch Wagon to Reliever Rodriguez Chapman, Lou; 1976 
 29Let's Hear a Few Cheers For The Reds' Bullpen Foley, Red; 1976 
 30Only One Word For Reds' Hurlers - Horrible Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 31'No Way We'll Trade Geronimo,' Howsam Insists Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 32Redbirds Turn To Greybeards To Liven Up Their Bullpen Hummel, Rick; 1980 
 33419 Names: the Amateur Draft Declassified  1986 
 34Ex-players To Barnstorm New England Patton, Maurice; 1992 
 35'Bazooka' Borbon Is King of Bubble Gum Koenig, Bill; 1992 
 36Reds' Relief Corps Has Been Populated By 'free Spirits' Lawson, Earl; 1992 
 37Newcomers Winston, Lisa; 1992 
 381992 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 391993 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 40Atlanta Braves STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 41Bowden To Create Order Out of Chaos Rains, Rob; 1995 
 42Reds, Jays Do a Bang-up Job Entertaining Fans Walker, Ben; 1995 
 4315 Years Later, Borbon Set To Join Reds  1995 
 44Some Decide They'd Rather Walk Than Run  1995 
 45The Borbons: Dad Tries Comeback; Son Sits Out... Rains, Rob; 1995 
 46Cincinnati Reds  1995 
 47At Last, Atlanta: in Gutsy Six-game Series, Braves Refuse to Give In White, Paul; 1995 
 481995 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 49Atlanta Braves  1996 
 50Braves Looking to '96--and Beyond  1996 
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