August 31, 2015
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 1A Designated Disadvantage Keith, Larry; 1975 
 2He's Catching On Real Fast Looney, Douglas S.; 1976 
 3Minor League Stardom Doesn't Guarantee Success in Majors Bucey, Tim; 1976 
 4Howsam Hopes Hume Flunks '76 Test Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 5Reds' Rookies to Battle for Two Hill Berths Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 6Darcy, Carroll Grow Edgy Checking Reds' Timetable Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 7`Bird Legs' Zachry Chirping for Job With Reds Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 8Pugilistic Pat Gains Nod From Reds Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 9Sparky Prescribes `Easy Does It' Plan for Reds Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 10Hurlers Metzger, Zachry Share N.L. Rookie Award Lang, Jack; 1976 
 11Rookie Zachry, DH Driessen Torpedo Yanks Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1976 
 12Zachry's Joy Tempered Over Theft of His Dog Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 13Alcala, Zachry Plug Hole in Reds' Hill Staff Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 14Nomadic Norman Finding Spot as Reds' Starter Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 15Ex-Fireman Zachry Steals Cincy Title Show Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 16Reds' 102 Victories Tipoff to Quality of Their Hurling Lawson, Earl; 1976 
 17Don't Blame Pitching Staff For Reds' Pratfall Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 18Tom Terrific Caps Impossible Dream of Reds Lawson, Earl; 1977 
 19Mets' Tender Look Makes Big Hit With Torre Lang, Jack; 1977 
 20Dismal Mets See Some Future Hope Lang, Jack; 1977 
 21A Big Win For Mets' Zachry...Pressure Eases Lang, Jack; 1977 
 22Men of the Reds Machine: An Inside Look At Baseball's Team of the '70's Collett, Ritter; 1977 
 23Zachry Forgets Seaver, Gets Met Act Down Pat Lang, Jack; 1978 
 24Mets Can Grin Over Seaver Swap Lang, Jack; 1978 
 25Mets Look For the "Real" Zachry Lang, Jack; 1978 
 26Weak Pitching? Met Staff Makes Skeptics Eat Crow Lang, Jack; 1978 
 27The Reds' Pitching Staff Went That-a-Way! Lawson, Earl; 1979 
 28Zachry To Undergo Surgery Lang, Jack; 1979 
 29Zachry Progress Encourages Mets Lang, Jack; 1979 
 30Mets' Miserable Hitting Masks Sharp Hill Jobs Lang, Jack; 1979 
 31Same Old Pain For Mets-Zachry Hurting Lang, Jack; 1980 
 32July Awards Go To Five Players  1980 
 33Zachry Tests Arm For Mets Lang, Jack; 1980 
 34Mets Spot a Break in the Clouds Lang, Jack; 1980 
 35Mets, Zachry Are Satisfied Lang, Jack; 1981 
 36Defense Spells Defeats For Mets Lang, Jack; 1981 
 37Jones Plus Zachry Equals a Problem Lang, Jack; 1982 
 38Mound Woes Keep Mets From Rolling Lang, Jack; 1982 
 39Plenty of Culprits in Mets' Nosedive Lang, Jack; 1982 
 40Zachry May Be Real Steal Conlin, Bill; 1983 
 41Can Dodgers Revive Zachry? Verrell, Gordon; 1983 
 42Mets Trying Hard To Unload Zachry Lang, Jack; 1983 
 43Dodgers Finally Land Oliver Verrell, Gordon; 1985 
 44Zachry Bolsters Phil Bullpen Pascarelli, Peter; 1985 
 451976: Pat Zachry, Butch Metzger Honig, Donald; 1989 
 46Alumni Group Puts Old Stars Back in Play Koenig, Bill; 1992 
 47Seasons: Standings, Leaders: 1976 James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
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