November 28, 2014
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 1Pilots' Poll Tabs Loop's Top Skills Leonard, George; 1960 
 2Cardinal Machine Geared Up--Needs Some `Spare Parts' Russo, Neal; 1963 
 3Yanks Outclassed at Five Positions Burick, Si; 1964 
 4Miracle in St. Louis Leggett, William; 1964 
 5Cackle  1964 
 6Nothing Like a Dame at Writers' Banquet n; 1965 
 7Red Looks for Leg Irons n; 1966 
 8Shannon Socks Fourteenth Game-Winning Blow of '66 n; 1966 
 9Player of the Week Ramras, Sandy; 1966 
 10Magic on the Mound  1966 
 11Cha Cha Goes Boom, Boom, Boom! Mulvoy, Mark; 1967 
 12  1967 
 13Out in Front in Fun and Games Leggett, William; 1967 
 14Humor Flew High at El Birdo Party: $10,000 Happiness Russo, Neal; 1967 
 15Redbirds Refuse to Stand Pat; Chance for Tolan and Spezio? Russo, Neal; 1967 
 16Cha Cha Led Cardinal Revival in Department of Clutch Clouts Russo, Neal; 1967 
 17Complacent Cards? Not Under Bing Russo, Neal; 1967 
 18Redbirds Saved by Swaps They Failed to Make Russo, Neal; 1967 
 19What Playing a New Position Is Doing To 11 Top Players Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 20Eight Early Birds Get a Cram Course From Card Tutors Russo, Neal; 1967 
 21Long Line Forming at Third for Birds Herman, Jack; 1967 
 22Shannon Passes Early Tests as Third Baseman Herman, Jack; 1967 
 23Switch or Fight? A New Post Spurs Shannon Russo, Neal; 1967 
 24The Bird Watches: A.L. Sleuths Warn of `Explosive Club' Kaegel, Dick; 1967 
 25What Put Go-Go in Cards? Amazing Young Pitchers Russo, Neal; 1967 
 26Hoerner a Casualty of Card Celebrating Russo, Neal; 1967 
 27Cepeda in Front of Redbirds' Swat Parade Russo, Neal; 1967 
 28Shannon, Javier Sidelined But Redbirds Set Hot Clip n; 1967 
 29Bad Luck Dogs Shannon in Bid for 3rd Base Job n; 1967 
 30Alex, Romano Patsies at Plate Russo, Neal; 1967 
 31Hoak Gives Mike Benefit of Third Base Experience n; 1967 
 32Injury Hoodoo Catches Up With Cards in First Week n; 1967 
 33The Birds Are Flying n; 1967 
 34How the Cards Stack Up n; 1967 
 35Yaz vs. Lou n; 1967 
 36Shannon's `Great Experiment' Recalls Cards Almost Goofed Russo, Neal; 1968 
 37Cards' Errorless Skein Clipped at Eight Games  1968 
 38Redbirds Hoisted Repeat Pennant on Sharp Pitching Russo, Neal; 1968 
 39Cards' Foes Get the Message When Shannon Quits Guessing Russo, Neal; 1968 
 40World Series Players Will Field High Stakes; Spend Conservatively Metz, Tim; 1968 
 41Hero in His Own Hometown Russo, Neal; 1968 
 42Cards Nix Shorter Fences; They'll Stick With Speed Russo, Neal; 1968 
 43Life With the Cardinals Katz, Fred; 1968 
 44Clutch-Touch Decline Tells Droopy Cardinal Tale Russo, Neal; 1968 
 45'Dear Red: I Hate To Tell You This, But...' Your Pal Russo Russo, Neal; 1969 
 46Day Or Night, Flood Swings Wicked Bat Russo, Neal; 1969 
 47Highlight Carry, Peter; 1969 
 48Shannon Culprit in Cardinal Letdown Russo, Neal; 1969 
 49Mike Gives Quick Lesson to Birds' New P.R. Aide  1969 
 50Critics Bombard Redbirds With Tons of Free Advice Russo, Neal; 1969 
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