September 3, 2015
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 1Baseball Hercules Meany, Tom; 1951 
 2Bill Rigney and His Giants Noble, John Wesley; 1959 
 3Bumper Crop of Young Pitchers  1959 
 4Stan, No-Hit Spoiler Twice Last Season, Does It Again Stevens, Bob; 1960 
 5McCormick's Two-Hit Gem Ends 4-Game L.A. Streak Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 6 Park, Charlie; 1960 
 7Kids Pay Quick Return On Bonus Booty: Big Payments Now Seen as Smart Money King, Joe; 1960 
 8Kid Lefty Stingy On Passes; Issued Only 17 in 80 Innings McDonald, Jack; 1960 
 9'Pitching Instinct Helps Mike' - Hubbell McDonald, Jack; 1960 
 10McCormick Tilting Spahn's Lefty Crown-Golden Future in Store For Giants' Rifle-Armed Dazzler: 21-Year-Old Server Sets 21-Win Goal McDonald, Jack; 1960 
 11Sad Sam Sure To Shrink His 8.18 ERA Rosenbaum, Art; 1960 
 12Like Old Times - Dodger-Giant Feud Erupts Into a Duster Duel Stevens, Bob; 1960 
 13Mike Blanks L.A. 3rd Time  1960 
 14Buccos' 26 Whiffs in Two Games Shatter N.L. Record  1960 
 15Mike McCormick Whiffs 13, Winning No. 13 On the 13th  1960 
 16Earned Run Averages Of Big-League Pitchers(Up To July,14,1960)(San Francisco Giants) Simons, Herbert; 1960 
 17Mike Blasted On First Pitch  1961 
 18Loes Chucks Bull-Pen Role - Nails Down Berth as Starter McDonald, Jack; 1961 
 19The Longest Season  1961 
 20Skipper Dark Spots First-Place Beacon For Candlestick Kids McDonald, Jack; 1961 
 21Ramos Leads Gopher Parade; Tagged For HRs in 10 Parks Tattersall, John C.; 1961 
 22Round-Trippers Hang Eight of 11 Losses On McCormick  1961 
 23Dark Shocks His Starters - 'You'll Go Nine, Period' Stevens, Bob; 1961 
 24Mound Collapse Burst Bubble of Giant Flag Drive McDonald, Jack; 1961 
 25Giants Equal Hurler Record  1961 
 26Tiny Twirler Stu - Mr. Big of Giant Hill McDonald, Jack; 1961 
 27  1961 
 28Starters Slip, Throw Wrench in Giant Gears Stevens, Bob; 1961 
 29Power Hitters Bomb Shortened Fences of Giant Homer Heaven McDonald, Jack; 1961 
 30Giants' Title Taste Sours as Curving Cream Curdles Stevens, Bob; 1961 
 31Romano First Hitter to Clear 370-Foot Left Field Barrier n; 1961 
 32Pilot Dark Sets 23-Victory Goal for McCormick McDonald, Jack; 1961 
 33N.L. All-Stars Top A.L. in March of Dimes Benefit n; 1961 
 34Scriveners Fine-Screen Rookie Skippers: Writers Cite Pros and Cons of Vernon, Mauch, Houk, Dark-- Feuds Forgotten; Giants All Pulling in Same Direction McDonald, Jack; 1961 
 35Field Master and Mike McCormick: Ready for the Smash Back to the Box n; 1961 
 36Giant Brass Bracing for Wave of Protests Over Salary Slashes Stevens, Bob; 1961 
 37One Giant Who Can't Miss  1962 
 38Four-Day Rotation Photos by Russ Halford; 1962 
 39Rugged Rapper Gene Alley Hits Roadblock in Mesa's Jinx Park Diskin, Tom; 1962 
 40Winter Tuneup Puts Old Zip in Mike's Flipper McDonald, Jack; 1962 
 41Giants Capture Pennant in Last Game of Season Diskin, Tom; 1962 
 42Orioles, Giants Gamble On Six-Player Trade: N.L. Champs Nab Reliever, Starter in Hoeft And Fisher McDonald, Jack; 1962 
 43Orioles, Giants Gamble On Six-Player Trade: Birds Rate Backstop Orsino Hottest Prize of Transaction Brown, Doug; 1962 
 44San Francisco Giants Lang, Jack; 1962 
 45Who'll Be 1963 Comeback King? Entry List Crowded With Names King, Joe; 1963 
 46Busy Barber Given Breather--Four-Day Rest Between Starts Brown, Doug; 1963 
 47 Roth, Allan; 1966 
 48In the Winter--Should a Pitcher Work or Rest? Libby, Bill; 1966 
 49Mike, Antique Clock Collector, Turning Back Time as Senator Addie, Bob; 1966 
 50Only One Nat Untouchable--It's Casanova Addie, Bob; 1966 
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