September 2, 2015
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 1Bumper Crop  1949 
 2Baseball and Me: the Boys I Left Behind Veeck, Bill; as told to Gordon Cobbledick; 1950 
 3Harder Re-Signed; Will Tutor Rookies Gibbons, Frank; 1950 
 4Lou Sees Big Year for `Big Bear': No. 5 Lists Garcia on "Big 5" Gibbons, Frank; 1950 
 5  1950 
 6Mike Garcia - The Indians' Big Bear Cobbledick, Gordon; 1951 
 7Mike Garcia  1952 
 8Camel...Big League Choice For Mildness, and Flavor  1953 
 9Cleveland Indians  1953 
 10Cleveland Indians  1953 
 11Road Trip Diary Newcombe, Jack; 1954 
 12 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 13If I Owned the Indians… Cobbledick, Gordon; 1954 
 14The World Series Ends Today, But Ball Players Are Still in Business Cordtz, Dan; 1955 
 15The Indians: They Ambushed the Whole League Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 16The Cleveland Indians  1955 
 17The Indians: They Ambushed the Whole League Lyons, Harry; 1955 
 18Is Cleveland Mad At The Indians? Cobbledick, Gordon; 1956 
 19California Always Was in the Majors Sheldon, Harold; 1958 
 20If Babe Ruth's Home Run Record Is Broken Because of the Screen at Los Angeles, Should the New Mark Be Accepted?  1958 
 21Kutyna, Garcia Snap Kaline Batting Streak at 22 Games  1961 
 22Garcia, Ex-Injun Hill Ace, To Try Comeback With Nats  1961 
 23All-Time Best Pitching Staff ? Rumill, Ed; 1970 
 24Major League's Most Effective Pitching Staff Ross, Frank; 1971 
 25Bert Blyleven -- A Dutch Treat for the Twins Rumill, Ed; 1971 
 26  1974 
 27Mike (The Bear) Garcia Was Quite a Card, As This No-Hit Kid Found Out Cairns, Bob; 1982 
 28Tribute To 'Big Bear': Teammates On 1954 Indians Pitch in To Help Garcia Meet Medical Bills Isle, Stan; 1985 
 29World Series Flashback 1: a Difference of 200 Feet Highlighted '54 Fall Classic Woody, Clay; 1992 
 30Mexico Otero, Salo; 1993 
 31300th Win Didn't Come Easy For Wynn Stewart, Wayne; 1993 
 32Tigers Turn Docile Before Indian Arms Herman, Bruce; 1993 
 33Why Are So Many of Today's Pitchers Injury-prone? Dolgan, Bob; 1993 
 34'54 Indians: a Series Away From Greatness Peietruzsa; 1994 
 35The 1994 Election Carroll, Bob; 1995 
 36The Human Zoo: 6. Creatures of the Wild Zminda, Don; 1999 
 37Pittsburgh Pirates Pitchers Kahrl, Chris; Clay Davenport; Joseph S. Sheehan; Rany Jazayerli; 2000 
 38Edward Miguel "Mike" or "The Big Bear" Garcia (TPR: 3.6) Wilbert, Warren; 2000 
 39Pittsburgh Pirates  2001 
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