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 1California Writers Vote Duncan `Player of Year' n; 1966 
 2Baltimore Orioles n; 1967 
 3Bernie Smith Named MVP of Eastern Loop All-Stars n; 1967 
 4Fisher, Weaver Sign Contracts With LaGuaira Moncada, Eduardo; 1967 
 5Military Callups Forcing Orioles to Juggle Players  1968 
 6Merv The Mauler--Orioles Take Note of Socking Picket Jackman, Phil; 1968 
 7Orioles Chilled Swap Talk At Mention of Rettenmund  1968 
 8Looie Hails Rettenmund As MVP With La Guaira  1968 
 9Tighe Again Int Pilot of Year; Rettenmund All-Star Vote Leader  1968 
 10Foy's Decoy: Rettenmund Winds Up With Red Face  1968 
 11Orioles Find a Place for Rookie Merv's Mighty Bat Brown, Doug; 1968 
 12Bird Rookie Picks Great Spot for First Home Run  1968 
 13Rettenmund Closes In  1968 
 14Red Wings' Merv: Red-Hot Swinger, Baltimore Bargain Weber, Al; 1968 
 15Three Bat Kings Tops for Topps as August Stars  1968 
 16Tulsa, Columbus Place 4 Each on AAA All-Stars  1968 
 17Future is Bright For Choice Rapper Rettenmund Brown, Doug; 1968 
 18Merv Easy Victor Over Both Simmons, Solaita  1968 
 19Merv Set Rushing Mark As Collegiate Grid Star  1968 
 20Orioles Escape Sore Wings--Credit Hard Conditioning Plan Brown, Doug; 1968 
 21Five Orioles to Perform For F. Robby at Santurce  1968 
 22Rettenmund, Roberts Take Top International Awards  1968 
 23Unhappy Flyhawks Bug Orioles Brown, Doug; 1969 
 24 Roth, Allan; 1969 
 25The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1969 
 26Orioles' Outfield Surplus Stirs Up Talk of Trades Brown, Doug; 1969 
 27Angels Weighing Offer By Orioles Wiebusch, John; 1969 
 28Oriole Sore Wings Flapping Again Jackman, Phil; 1969 
 29Stonger Bench Causing Orioles to Raise Sights Jackman, Phil; 1969 
 30Baltimore Orioles Vecsey, George; 1969 
 31Courtroom Crowded as Judge Does His Thing Brown, Doug; 1969 
 32How Super Sophs Buried an Old Jinx in 1970 Nightingale, Dave; 1970 
 33Blair Focusing On Quick Return To Orioles' Flight Plan Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 34Birds Boast Bench Wallop: Rettenmund Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 35Blair, Closing in on Plate, Explodes in Rock Festival Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 36Watch Out! There Are More En Route Carry, Peter; 1970 
 37Buford's Swat Spree Quiets Critics Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 38Bad Sinking Spell Sends Orioles On Swap Foray Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 39Merv Rettenmund Fed Up With Playing Winter Ball  1970 
 40Four Groups to Tour War Zones, Hospitals  1970 
 41'Johnny Who?' Ask Orioles, Bragging of Own Bench Jackman, Phil; 1970 
 42An Oriole-in-Waiting Jordan, Pat; 1971 
 43Rettenmund's Bat Revival a Quick Cure For Orioles Jackman, Phil; 1971 
 44'71's Best By Ballot Test in A.L.: Oliva, Blue Henkey, Ben; 1971 
 45Orioles Find Way Back With McNally Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1971 
 46Frank's Old Legs Give Orioles New Life, 3-2 Victory Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1971 
 47Blass Was Ill, But Birds Were Dead Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1971 
 48Well, He's That Kind of Guy Fimrite, Ron; 1971 
 49Ex-Sub Rettenmund a Regular at Last - Oriole Swatting Star Jackman, Phil; 1971 
 50Who Will Be Majors' Next Player of Year ? Vass, George; 1971 
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