September 3, 2015
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 1Covering All-Star Game  1939 
 2MBS, BBC Ready For World Series  1943 
 3Gillette Widens Series Coverage  1944 
 4Allen and Caray Awarded Top Honors for Play-by-Play Baseball Broadcasts  1946 
 5Sponsor Yankee Games  1946 
 6Gillette Has Video at All-Star Contest  1948 
 7Allen And Caray Win Sports Paper Awards  1948 
 8 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 9 Allen, Mel; 1950 
 10 Allen, Mel; 1950 
 11 Allen, Mel; 1950 
 12 Allen, Mel; 1950 
 13Allen, Hodges Cited  1950 
 14Baseball Awards: Top Sportscasters Picked  1951 
 15 Allen, Mel; 1951 
 16TV is Tough On the Announcer Allen, Mel; 1951 
 17Meet the Major League Voices  1951 
 18How About That? Allen, Mel; 1951 
 19 Vernon, Ted; 1951 
 20Yankee Games: Sponsors Take 23 Stations  1952 
 21"How About That?"  1952 
 22Thomson's Homer Tops Sports Thrills Felker, Carl T.; 1952 
 23Scully Replaces Barber  1953 
 24Gillette Sponsors Series Again on Mutual, NBC-TV  1953 
 25Would Los Angeles Support Major League Baseball?  1956 
 26What Has Happened To Your Team That Will Make a Difference This Year?  1957 
 27Salute to Baseball n; 1957 
 28An Award For Allen Einstein, Charles; 1959 
 29Signs and Science  1959 
 30Is Baseball Losing Out as the Typical American Game?  1959 
 31It Takes Heart Allen, Mel; with Frank Graham, Jr.; 1959 
 32Last Chance Allen, Mel; with Frank Graham; 1959 
 33Campy's Ordeal Allen, Mel; with Frank Graham; 1959 
 34Money Pitcher Allen, Mel; with Frank Graham; 1959 
 35Nothing Left but Heart Allen, Mel; with Frank Graham; 1959 
 36The Yankee Clipper's Return Allen, Mel; with Frank Graham; 1959 
 37Frick Selects Eight Aircasters For Two All-Star Extravaganzas  1960 
 38Talking Picture  1960 
 39Mel Allen: Baseball's Most Controversial Voice Davidson, Bill; 1960 
 40Down With Conformity Smith, Ken; 1960 
 41Gotham Scribes Frolic at Annual Summer Outing Daniel, Dan; 1961 
 42NBC's Radio and TV System Will Carry All-Star Games  1961 
 43Transogram Puts Maris in TV Ads  1962 
 44Baseball's Babbling Brook Horn, Huston; 1962 
 45Don't Mention It  1963 
 46Scully's Way and Allen's Way  1964 
 47How About That?  1964 
 48You Can't Beat the Hours Allen, Mel; with Ed Fitzgerald; 1964 
 49Money Players n; 1964 
 50Mel Allen Will Air Braves' Games for Atlanta Audience n; 1965 
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