September 4, 2015
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 1Winning Players You Ought to Know Sawyer, Ford; 1921 
 2Players You Ought to Know Bloodgood, Clifford; 1926 
 3How Brother Luke Made Good  1927 
 4On the Bench with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1927 
 5On the Bench with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1927 
 6 Gutterman, Irving G.; 1932 
 7Born in January Bloodgood, Clifford; 1933 
 8Majoring for the Majors Bryson, Bill; 1936 
 9The Forgotten Half Bulkley, George; 1938 
 10Who's Catching? Tunis, John R.; 1939 
 11It Comes Natural to Them Bloodgood, Clifford; 1939 
 12101 Common Errors in Baseball Sewell, Luke; 1940 
 13I Was Beaned Sewell, Luke; as told to John R. Tunis; 1941 
 14Bull Pen Graham, Frank; 1942 
 15Up Sewell  1942 
 16Browns No Longer Blue Gould, James M.; 1942 
 17Coz Luke and Coz Rip  1943 
 18Luke Sewell: a Smart, Shrewd Ex-Catcher May Break the 40-Year-Old Jinx of the St. Louis Browns  1943 
 19Dykes is "Most Quotable" Povich, Shirley; 1943 
 20Crossed Up By a Zero Cobbledick, Gordon; 1943 
 21Don't Sell the Brownies Short Against the Cards Polier, Dan; 1944 
 22The Unbelievable Browns Crichton, Kyle; 1944 
 23Baseball Browns Make American League Exciting  1944 
 24Sewell, Luke  1944 
 25I Was Beaned Sewell, Luke; 1944 
 26They're Poison Veech, Ellis J.; 1944 
 27The Browns Under Sewell Veech, Ellis J.; 1944 
 28Luke Sewell's Inspirational Leadership Paramount on Browns Daniel, Daniel M.; 1944 
 29They Made Me a Cinderella; Inside Story of How a One-Time Catcher Became a Manager and How a Big-League Pennant Was Won, as Told To Ralph Cannon Sewell, Luke; 1945 
 30Sewell's Choice Shehan, Tom; 1945 
 31Pete Gray Acquires Trick From Cripples  1945 
 32How to Play Baseball Sewell, Luke; 1945 
 33Plays That Turn Managers Gray Drebinger, John; 1945 
 34Luke Sewell, the Able Pilot of the Browns, is Caught in a Thoughtful Pose  1945 
 35Sewell's Choice Shehan, Tom Cpl.; 1945 
 36All Goes Black for Browns in Extra Frames Lieb, Frederick G.; 1945 
 37Baseball: Down and Out  1946 
 38Baseball's Softest Job: Getting Paid Not to Manage Drebinger, John; 1948 
 39 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 40Cincy 'Cleanup' Men Hit .189 in 28 Tilts; Seven Different Swingers Use in No.4 Position, But in Total of 11 Runs Swope, Tom; 1950 
 41Luke Giving Full-Route Treament to Wehmeier Swope, Tom; 1950 
 42  1950 
 43The Ballplayer Nobody Wanted Paxton, Harry T.; 1951 
 44Reds Hope to Cash in On Take Charge Andy Swope, Tom; 1952 
 45The Hell It Don't Curve Drury, Joseph F., Jr.; 1953 
 46 Dunnell, Milt; 1954 
 47  1956 
 48  1957 
 49Lighter Side: Fun, Wit And Errors Biederman, Les; 1958 
 50Manager's Real Work Is In Spring Carmichael, John; 1959 
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