August 31, 2015
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 1Crigger -- As in "Trigger." Cava, Pete,; Paul Sandin;  
 2  1896 
 3The Story of "Cy" Young Morse, Jacob C.; 1908 
 4Tipping the Signals Evans, Billy; 1914 
 5World's Series Stars of Other Days Sawyer, C. F.; 1920 
 6  1934 
 7The Forgotten Half Bulkley, George; 1938 
 8The Boston Red Sox Lieb, Frederick G.; 1947 
 9Opening Day Memoirs Crusinberry, James; 1949 
 10Baseball Immortals Burkholder, Ed; 1955 
 11Cagey Cobb Crossed Up Rivals: Peach Pulled 'Foolish Plays' To Catch Foes Flatfooted; Upset Mound Marvels With Tricky Bunts Salsinger, H.G.; 1961 
 12Cold, Calculating Competitor...No One's Even Close to Ty Cobb Broeg, Bob; 1969 
 13Exclusive Statistics for Baseball Digest on the Catchers Who Have Caught the Most 20-Game Winners  1971 
 14These Are the Majors' Worst Hitters of All Time! Grosshandler, Stan; 1976 
 15Cy Young: A Baseball Life Browning, Reed; 2000 
 16The Boston Red Sox Lieb, Frederick G.; 2003 
 17Louis Criger Krah, Steve; 2006 
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