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 1 Gutterman, Irving G.; 1932 
 2Big League Over-Head Evans, Billy; 1933 
 3Baseball's Greatest Pitcher in 1932 Lane, F.C.; 1933 
 4Surprises and Disappointments of 1932 Scheiffele, Fred; 1933 
 5  1934 
 6Lon Warneke, Whose Masterly Pitching Made Him Ace of the Cubs' Hurlers  1934 
 7The Cubs a Dark Horse Prospect Ward, John J.; 1935 
 8So I'm a Hill-Billy Hero? Asks Lon Warneke O'Brien, Neil; 1935 
 9Building a Big-League Ball Club Evans, Billy; 1936 
 10  1936 
 11The Art of Pitching Warneke, "Lon"; 1936 
 12Their Backward Bow Bradley, Hugh; 1937 
 13"Thumbs Down" Patterson, Arthur E.; 1938 
 14From Oklahoma, Suh! Poore, Chesley; 1938 
 15Seeing Stars - New Style Patterson, Arthur E.; 1939 
 16The Weather Man Makes the Box Score Burr, Harold C.; 1939 
 17Fate Slams the Door Bulkley, George; 1939 
 18The Red Birds Fly Again: Billy Southworth Comes Back With His Cardinals Stockton, J. Roy; 1941 
 19  1942 
 20Lobby Sitting, a Lost Art Rumill, Ed; 1947 
 21Peak Pitching Performances Bloodgood, Clifford; 1947 
 22Lobby Sitting, A Lost Art Rumill, Ed; 1947 
 23Ballplayers Should Make Good Umpires Miller, Hub; 1947 
 24  1947 
 25  1949 
 26Arkansas Hummingbird Flies Back Rumill, Ed; 1949 
 27Balk Ruling Protested  1950 
 28Old Flash Files His First Complaint Over Ejection  1950 
 29Baseball's Bad Blood; "Bean Balls" - Umpire Baiting - Hot Tempers - Challenges - Put Them All Together, They Spell Trouble Cohane, Tim; 1951 
 30Thoughest Job in Baseball Murray, Arch; 1954 
 31Lonnie Warneke Smith, Ira; 1954 
 32Thoughts On the Choke Sign Lardner, John; 1955 
 33Warneke Twirls Victory in First Start in Politics Enright, James; 1962 
 34Birdie Won Battle But Lost War With Warneke Dolgan, Bob; 1962 
 35The '42 Cardinals Broeg, Bob; 1963 
 36Prophet Pierce Hurled Shutout to Back Up Pennant Prediction Enright, James; 1963 
 37When a Pitcher Won With His Glove Simons, Herbert; 1965 
 38The Phantom's Still at Large Broeg, Bob; 1966 
 39Umps Should Admit Honest Mistakes Broeg, Bob; 1972 
 40When the Cubs Won 21 Games in a Row Rothe, Emil; 1973 
 41Where is He Now? Drees, Jack; Jim Mullen; 1973 
 42Lon Warneke: The Arkansas Hummingbird Drees, Jack; Mullen, James C.; 1973 
 43Memories of Opening Day  1975 
 44n; 1976 
 45Near No-hitters Are Part of Big League Baseball Lore Vass, George; 1989 
 46Opening Day Pitching Gem - April 17, 1934 Spatz, Lyle; 1993 
 47Lon Warneke - 1933 Wilbert, Warren and William Hageman; 1997 
 48Seasons: Standings, Leaders: 1932 James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
 49Place Hitters (and Pitchers) (cont.) Zminda, Don; 1999 
 50Don Gutteridge in Words and Pictures Gutteridge, Don; as told to Bill Bozman and Ronnie Joyner; 2002 
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